To help  support the shifts and changes we have been experiencing I guided myself through a past life regression.

Rather then focus on a specific issue, person or situation I simply left it up to Universe to decide what past life I needed to learn from and release.

Where I  was transported, surprised me.

I connected with a past life in Mongolia during the times of Genghis Khan and a life 500 years later during the Fifth Ming Dynasty. One was full of anger, terror, aggression and war. The other was a life time of peace and prosperity.


Genghis Khan

It appeared that these energies from the past had settled in my spine and were waging war. Such duality, and now was the perfect time to release them.

During the regression I connected with people who I clearly saw were showing up in my current life time. I was wowed by the imagery, intense emotions and my roles.

I cleared out limiting beliefs, actions, behaviors and emotional patterns. I did a deep cleansing of the energy of both periods so that I would be free to be me in this life time.

What was interesting about this regression is that in my current life I have always held a deep desire to visit the Great Wall of China and place my back against it to feel the vibration of energies. Little did I realize that the energies were already in my back embedded in my spine.

Once I released the energies my back and spine felt clear, cleansed and wide open. The release was huge.

Past Life Regressions are excellent way of clearing away past life carry overs. Learning why certain certain people and patterns are repeated in your current life over and over. And for curiosity.

If you have been working on releasing an issue from your current life and are still stuck, perhaps a past life regression is your next step.

Regardless they are a fascinating experience.

If you are interested in having me take you though a past life regression click on the link for more details.

Love, Esther


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