Two week before Christmas I received a very loud message from my Soul. Never mind the whisper, it was an order.

The message had me racing to the LCBO to buy champagne.

I was sitting at my computer going about my daily business when out of no where I was hit with the thought, “2010 is going to be a year of celebrations. Make sure you have a bottle of champagne in your fridge at all times so that you are ready to celebrate in style.”

My channeling guides The Tribunal concurred in agreement and in my consciousness I could feel the truth of the statement. 2010 is a year of celebration. A year of culmination. A time when all the seeds planted and loose ends come together in fruition. I feel it. I know it and my Soul confirmations it.

Who am I to argue? Champagne it is.

I stocked my fridge with a beautiful bottle of bubbly while imagining the first time I will pop the cork. Exciting.

Then the confirmation started rolling in.

On Christmas Day as part of my present, my sister bought me a bottle a champagne. Typically she puts red wine in my stocking but this year she felt champagne was more appropriate. Chills went up and down my arms.

Four days after Christmas I caught up with a friend and we exchanged gifts. Her gift to me? Champagne of course. When I pressed her about her choice, she said that she felt intuitively I would have a very full year and plenty of reasons to celebrate. Again the goose bumps running up and down my arms.

So champagne it is. 

Last night just before midnight a bottle was popped to ring in the New Year with positive flow and intention. I welcomed 2010 with bubbly, dancing,  joy and love in my heart. It is the energy that I will carry with me throughout the year.

As I enjoyed the festivities I purposed in my heart to always have at least one bottle of champagne in my fridge to celebrate the biggest and smallest of achievements. I even resolved to pop the cork to celebrate such common occurrences like–because it’s Tuesday!

If you have every stuggled with new years resolutions or have come to a point where you no longer make them, then let me pass along the message to you that my Soul passed along to me–drink more champagne and always have a bottle in your fridge ready to pop.

Happy New Year .

~Love, Esther~


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