Last night during my sleep state I connected with myself in a parallel life. It was the me who stayed in Turkey despite a ‘Hold Up’ message from Higher Self and an intuitive hit to leave the country back in December. I created a video about my intuitive flash and location pivot. You may have watched it.

Esther in the parallel life was in Antalya, which was my original plan. Not directly affected by the Turkey earthquake, but definitely feeling the shock and emotion of the collective.

I looked at myself in the dream, not a dream, and said, ‘You’re still here in Turkey.
That’s why people keep texting me asking me if I’m in Turkey and if I’m Okay.’

Instantly I had a moment of awareness that my energy had split. My physical body and the present consciousness came to Saranda
but part of my energy carried on with the original plan.

I woke up a bit shook and immediately called myself back to my body here in Saranda. We’re together again

Here’s the link to the video chalked full of tips on how to Develope and Strengthen your intuition. Discern wishful thinking vs intuitive hit. When you follow your intuition and it ends up in a disaster, what now? 

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