When the Mayan Calendar ended on October 28th, many of us, myself included thought that  the worst was over and life would begin to smooth out. Instead what many people are experiencing is an increased level of “noise” in their lives and are wondering, “Why so much? And when is it going to be over?”

When I talk about “noise” what I am referring to is the struggle, discomfort, agitation, anger, upset, collapsing, disintegrating and mind chatter that is occurring full force.

I know it has been a tough ride for many over the last couple of weeks. Relationships are breaking up, technology has gone haywire, projects are stalled, self esteem for many is plummeting and I am hearing over and over again that people want to hide under the covers until it is safe to come out.

So what is going on?

After the ending of the Mayan Calendar we went straight into a period of Mercury turning Retrograde and a solar eclipse. Both are powerful energies which while it might not feel like it, are here to help us reassess our life focus and desires and get us back on track of our soul’s calling. (to read a recap of these events click here)

These energies are assisting us in getting clear on what we want and releasing what doesn’t fit with our future. It is helping us create closure so that we can make room for what comes next.  Those who have been doing their inner work are moving through it more easily and are able to take on an observer point of view. Those who have resisted doing their inner work are having a rough time.

Eclipses are about endings, bringing closure to something we have outgrown or a situation that we know is not good for us but for whatever benefit we have been hanging on to. During an eclipse people might be “eclipsed” out of your life, this is why relationships have been breaking up at a high rate over the last two weeks. Or perhaps some important piece of information about a person close to you personally or professionally has been revealed by the energies and you are now seeing them or the situation in a new light.

If you have known for a while that you need to make a change in your life, job or a social situation and you have been putting it off, likely its being forced upon you at this time. Remember these energies at play are not working against you, in fact the Universal energies are  wanting so very much to help you be better, stronger, more confident and step into your magnificence.

On December 10th we have another significant energy event occurring.  It is the Full Moon which always brings excitement to our lives combined with another eclipse. It’s going to be a Divine day where closure and unfinished business will be on tap and much releasing of mind, body and spirit will be at hand.

These energies will be ushering in the opportunity for us to head into 2012 in a new reality. The door is being swung open and we are being asked to take a leap of faith and step across the threshhold.  Know that the Universe is always there to support you.

We are in the thick of  The Shift right now and it is a wild ride. With evolution and transformation comes stormy times. The good news is that when the storm passes and the debris swept away there are new beginnings and new growth emerges. Ascension and higher consciousness the result.

I expect this intense experience we are currently going through to continue on for the rest of the month with some ease happening around the 24th. Mercury turns direct on the 13th which will help us with communication, travel plans and getting our projects and plans moving again.

And of course we are wildly anticipating the arrival of 2012 and all that it will bring!

So you ask. “What can I do to get through this current period of shift and change?” 

  • Do your inner work. Eliminate the noise of your mind, those negative and limiting beliefs and thoughts which anchor unproductive behaviors, patterns and emotions. It’s time to eliminate that which has been blocking your from your destiny and higher calling 
  • Spend much time in meditation grounding yourself, connecting with your Spirit and with God the Universe. Get clear on what you want to create in your life and ask God to assist you in its creation. After all you are co-creators.
  • Practice self love. During times of distress we can be hard on ourselves. Be patient with yourself and love yourself like no other.

The noise of today is just another rung in the ladder of ascension which we are currently climbing. I encourage you to take the leap of faith that Universe is asking you to make. You will be supported.

~Love, Esther


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