April 29th Energy Update: Happy Saturday to you! I am going to skip ahead to what is happening in the cosmos tomorrow Sunday because not only is it Major, like me, you may already be be feeling the effects of Saturn and Chiron moving into an exact position. We had one of these exacts back in December, it’s happening again tomorrow April 30th and one more time November 12th.

Saturn is the planet in charge of maturity, responsibility, structures, tough love, asking us to be serious and really take a good look at what is happening in our lives and the world around us.

Chiron is the minor planet dubbed by many as the Wounded Healer. When these two connect in this “exact” way the energy pushes up old issues, unresolved memories, wounds, hurts, challenges and situations so they can be finally addressed and released. You may be thinking: There’s more? Yes there is more until finally everything is gone. Even as we raise our vibration and move onto the tracks of higher frequencies what does not fit stands out like a soar thumb and these cosmic energies shine a spotlight on them and asks: Are you release to release this as well?

This weekend while full of Love and Action thanks to Venus in Aries. And loads of imagination and intuitive hits, thank you Uranus and Mercury, the Saturn and Chiron exact may expose something deeply hidden within that you were hoping was out of sight out of mind but your Divine Self and Universe loves you so much they don’t want you walking around Earth anymore with that, “Pebble in your shoe.” It’s so uncomfortable and takes away from the joy of life.

And for those of us who have been doing the inner work and have been on a journey of awakening for a while, what comes up might be very subtle. I will give you a for instance from my personal life. This week I dropped the ball on a detail. Now I am very organized and a detail oriented person. I make lists. Check off things done and when someone asks me to do something I do it right away rather then put it off. As a result I am always ready and never caught in one of those wait to the last minute patterns of stress. And this week I dropped the ball and glossed over a detail which created not only distress for me but also for the other person involved who was being inconvenience in a Big way.

When it happened I had to sit back and examine the situation. How did I miss this detail? Was it on purpose to sabotage? Was there another motivation? It was so unlike me. In fact I can’t tell you the last time it happened. Saturn would be proud I took responsibility, attempted to make amends as I could and the other party was willing, and learned from the situation. Oh yes there was a learning. But here is the biggie, I saw clearly how in the past if this situation came up I would have skirted responsibility, (my 18 yr old self did that all the time) and would have also made myself to be a bad person for missing the detail. Self judgment and self beat. But this time I did neither of those things—growth!! While yes there are consequences to my missed detail and the whole situation wasn’t very pleasant, I see clearly how that old timeline of mine, self judgment and not taking responsibility is gone and instead the timeline of looking for solutions and loving self is firmly in place.

I don’t know what is going to come up for you but whatever shows up offers a fantastic opportunity to release, shift and move onto a whole new timeline.

Later today the Moon moves into the sign of Cancer and under that energy we tend to want to be around people and environments which comfort us like family, close friends, our homes and yes our beds under the covers. Indulge in self pampering, nurture and love yourself.

~Love, Esther 

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