November 13/14th we will experience a Solar Eclipse along with a Super New Moon in Scorpio and it’s a game changer as all eclipses are.

This solar eclipse will stir up hidden and deep secrets. Surprises will be plentiful with emotions flying everywhere. This is the perfect opportunity to strengthen and use your self power and create a win win situation for you and everyone else.

I often hear people say: I wish my life would change, or some variation of that statement. Eclipses provide the energy for major change, shifts, sudden breakthroughs and shake ups. That project you have been working on might fall into place overnight. A relationship may end abruptly in order to usher in a new one. Just remember sweet being that often when a door opens or change happens something needs to close or crumble away and that can be uncomfortable if you choose to focus on the doom and gloom. Focus instead on the forward movement, the opportunity and you will be be in the right frame of mind to embrace the positive aspects of change.

The effects of this Solar Eclipse will be noticed from Nov 10th to the 16th and then for months after. But frankly with all the energy swirling about this year and especially in November and December it is hard to pin point which energy wave is creating which shift. Just go with it. After all you chose to come to the planet at this very time to have this unique life experience.

                                                                                                   Solar Eclipse

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon passes between the earth and sun and eclipses the image of the sun on earth. This one will be visible in Northern Australia and the South Pacific. For those of us living in North America we won’t see it but we will feel the effects.  In the eastern time zone the solar eclipse will be on Tuesday the 13th from 2:37 pm to 7:45 pm.  The best and safest way to watch the solar eclipse is online. Check this out Slooh. 

The Beings of Light I work with tell me that this eclipse is connected with the Venus Transit which occurred back in the spring. Remember that once in a life time event? Venus Transit ushered in a balancing of male and female energies on the planet. It brought in the energy of the Divine Feminine to help humanity and the earth merge into the new earth energies of love, peace, abundance and one for all. The message I received is that the solar eclipse will build and expand on that theme as it further assists in opening the heart chakras of each  and everyone of us and of the earth. You may notice this as a stirring in your own heart chakra, an expansion of your heart and a rebirth of feminine and nurturing values in you and those around you. This goes for you too guys –everyone has a heart chakra along with feminine and masculine energy.

The same day November 13th is New Moon in Scorpio. The new moon is a perfect time to make wishes, planet seeds, embrace transformation, step into your power and strength. All traits of Scorpio. This new moon highlights new relationships, new light in your life and new opportunities. Just remember to be discerning as Mercury is in Retrograde and is asking us to slow down, re-evaluate, research and re-assess.

I know, I know so much happening. For me its fun and exciting and I hope you embrace that perspective as well.

And that’s not all. On November 11-12th and again 16-17th we will be treated to another celestial event. The North Taurid Meteor Shower and The Leonids Shower. How does it get any better than that?


So what to do?

Ground yourself. Give you  body what it wants: sleep, water, salt, sugar, exercise. Spend time in nature. Talk a cleansing salt bath. Do your inner work. Meditate. Embrace the change rather then fight it. And above all else look up to the sky with awe and in oneness. (Join me in the Maximize Your Life Teleclass Starting Nov 19th–click on this link for details.)

So pleased to be on this journey with you sweetness!

Love, Esther

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