The following is a brief overview of a layer of limitation uncovered during a Core Belief Engineering Session with a female client.

It is only a small portion of the density unearthed and released during this transformative session. The changes which resulted in M’s life were dramatic and as a result she has given me permission to offer you a few details in trust they will assist in some way.

Let’s take a peak and see what lurks beneath, hidden in the subconscious mind.





Client: Female, 52 yrs, divorced, entrepreneur.

Presenting issue: Unable to have a sustaining long term romantic relationship.

During our initial Conscious Discussion  a limiting  core belief was discovered:
No one ever chooses me. This belief showed up in M’s business, with clients, service providers, opportunities and relationships with men.

We connected with the Part of M’s subconscious mind that held the belief: No one ever chooses me.  (A victim program.)

I began to guide M through a journey of her subconscious mind discovering, exploring, unraveling and releasing the beliefs, patterns and paradigm at hand.

Part’s Job: To protect M from feeling unloved and uncared for.
Started the job: Age three when M’s younger brother was born and everyone started to pay attention to the new baby.

The part made the decision: I am unwanted. No one chooses me. Everyone is choosing him. No one loves me.

Coping Strategies: What the part did as a result: cry, break things for attention, eat food for comfort, poke at brother to make him cry, withdraw.

Forty-nine years later these beliefs, decisions and coping strategies created a life situation in which M is unable to connect with a man for relationship. She always feels let down that no one chooses her and uses food and drink to soothe and cope. As a result her health suffers at times. Her self esteem is low with men in general and in the arena of romantic relationships. She finds herself alone and lonely.

I dug deeper with M always with the focus of getting to the core layer of limitation.

We discovered that these beliefs and limitations were also showing up in her budding business.
Despite achieving some success in her business, it was not growing to its potential.
M felt no one chooses her; clients, opportunities etc…
As a result the energy of the feeling permeated her personal life and business life. Her business is not growing.

Current Behavior: M is always anticipating the man and/or  client will leave her. Why? Because no one chooses her.
She doubts that good opportunities will come her way because no one chooses her. She feels less then, reliving over and over her childhood when she felt everyone chose her brother over her.

Interestingly she does not hold this belief no one chooses me with women friends.
Why? Because she also held the belief that women friends were a dime a dozen she could always find one.
But good men for relationship and clients were not a dime a dozen so it was imperative that when she found one they choose her. More limiting beliefs. This belief created an energy of desperation around M which was picked up on consciously and subconsciously by men and potential clients.

The paradigm, limiting beliefs and decisions were just the tip of the iceberg of what lurked beneath in M’s subconscious mind.

During the seven hours of CBE processing we dug even deeper into the belief system under-earthed as many limiting threads and dense energy pockets we could discover and began the change on all levels and layers of her being. (Mental, emotional, physical, spiritual.)

We brought this outdated part of her subconsciousness mind into harmony with M and her current desires.

Three months later M’s business is starting to show signs of growth. She is dating again without the inner mantra of: Will he choose me?
M feels more confident in her ability to create a loving lasting relationship on her terms and attract clients of her choice.
M is growing in Self Love.

*To learn more about Core Belief Engineering CLICK HERE.

~Love, Esther

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