Dissolve the Illusion New Moon Report
November 29th at 7:18 am Eastern time is the New Moon in the sign of Sagittarius and this New Moon could be tension filled on many fronts. It is a New Moon that Will trigger those fresh starts and new beginnings but first alot of “trash” has to be released, decisions made and reality checks completed. Yes I am writing about reality checks again because this energy coupled with a Sun~Neptune square happening the 29th-30th (thus the tension) is going to show us where all may not be as it seems.
You may discover someone is not being honest with you. Doesn’t have your back. May be trying to manipulate you. Where once you weren’t getting the full picture, during this New Moon and the two days following you will begin to gain clarity on what is really going on.
This reality check may not just be with people it could be in the area of your finances. What Do you spend your money on?  Or in the area of health and well-being.
Also reality checks globally and in the collective are possible. The world may get a reality check with an announcement or some news. 

As with every New Moon set your intentions but wait to take action steps of support or start new projects until the end of the week. At that time we will be basking in the splendor of a lovely cosmic lineup with Mars that will turbo boost any action we take based on our New Moon intentions.

Many people set goals on January First as resolutions, but towards the end of this week the energy is going to be so ripe and supportive of achieving goals that I suggest set those resolutions, goals, whatever you want to call them Now and take action! You will be much more supported then come New Years Day.
In particular anything to do with health, starting a new work out routine, amping up the one you are already doing, making better food choices, releasing that food issue, going to a doctor to check out your symptoms —–It is a good time to do all of that now.
Every New Moon is important. This one is a bit more explosive then usual but keep in mind that whatever transpires is ultimately going to create something even better…breakthroughs.
Happy New Moon Beauties!
~Love, Esther
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