The New Moon in Aries on April 7th at 7:24 am EDT will feel like someone pressed the refresh button in your life and on the world scene. That is if you choose the refresh of course. Always a choice.

Every month New Moons usher in the energetics to support you in new beginnings, that is why we set New Moon intentions. This New Moon is turbo boosted with all things NEW because it is the first New Moon of the New Astrological Year. Happy New Year! Happy New Moon! This is the creme de la creme of new beginnings.

Because the New Moon is in the sign of Aries fresh starts in the areas governed by Aries are highlighted including: Self, leadership, business, entrepreneurship, career, strength and yes sexuality.

There is also a strong Uranus influence; Uranus is the planet of radical, unexpected, explosive change so all of that energy is in The Field. This means that the change you seek may show up as a bit sticky, abrupt, explosive, tense, unpredictable; you get the point. Now that you are equipped with this information if the messiness hits you can move into the space of neutrality and respond from the place of stillness.

Truth Revealed has been a World Theme for some time now; at least a couple of years, and this week with the Panama Papers Scandal more truth has been revealed and more people are waking up to what is really going on behind the scenes globally. I dare say Uranus energy had an influence in the timing.

And so my beautiful friend, I suggest you use this New Moon Energy wisely. Press the refresh, restart, new beginnings button in any area of your life and if the poop hits the fan move into the space of neutrality; a place of calm, stillness and pure choice.

~Love, Esther

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