When I first heard of the concept that our thoughts become things, our beliefs create our reality, and that we can change the programs held in our mind, I didn’t need studies and proofs to tell me that the concept was true. I felt the truth of the words via a heat rushing through my body and a little voice inside saying, Esther, this is for you. You’re going to change your beliefs, Heal yourself, and then help other people. True Story I have told it many times. When you know you know.

But now, over 19 years later, there are proofs and studies emerging for those who may be doubtful that they can rewire the thoughts and patterns of the brain, and it’s due to the emerging science of Neuroplasticity.

One of the most significant researchers in the neuroplasticity discovery was Michael Merzenich. In the early 1970s, he was conducting experiments to prove the exact opposite, that the brain was compartmentalized, specialized and fixed, BUT he proved the opposite.

What is Neuroplasticity?

Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to form and reorganize synaptic connections, especially in response to learning, experiences or following an injury. ~ Oxford Dictionary

Neuro = nervous system

Plasticity = Change

Neurogenesis = new neuron connects are created usually in early years but also it can happen in the brain of adults.

Your brain can change. And you can direct the change through your thoughts, beliefs, feelings, emotions, actions, focus and visualization.

Scientists used to believe that the brain is permanently imprinted.

Neuroplasticity shows us that is not the case. The brain can change. It can rewire.

Even if a pathway has been in your brain for a long time, we used to call that hardwired, it still can be overwritten.

You can’t undo a pathway in your brain that has already been established, but you can lay down a new pathway.

As that new pathway strengthens, it takes energy away from from the old pathway and becomes the new way.

Example: Let’s say there is a field in your neighbourhood and there is a well used path that cuts through the field. You use it everyday; maybe several times a day. But the problem is, the path gets muddy at times, and it’s a long route to your destination. It’s not the easiest pathway, nor is it time efficient.

You see the possibility for another path in the the field. A short cut. Dry and smooth.
And so one day, you decide, instead of taking the established path, that you will forge a new path in the field, a better quicker way.

The first day you walk the field starting to lay down the grass for the new path. It’s not easy but you want something better. Over-time, as you walk the new path over and over, the grass gives way to bare earth. You remove obstacles like rocks in the way, and eventually create a new pathway. Better and improved over the old.

The old path is still there. But as you give it less attention and traction, it loses energy and appeal. It becomes overgrown with grass and weeds. Eventually you don’t even think about going that way anymore. The original path remains, but you have created a new path and have established a new way. The same thing happens with the pathways in your brain.

How Do You Change Your Programming? Establish new connections and pathways in the brain?

Rewire through repetition and emotion.

Repetition of mantras, affirmations, focusing on what you want through visualization and imagination. Some people use a vision board. And of course repetition of action.

Make sure your thoughts, words, visuals are coupled and supported with a complimentary emotion and allow that emotion to flood your mind, body and energy field. Fully feel the emotion. Don’t miss this step.

The best time to do your rewiring, reprogramming, manifesting, is first thing in the morning and the last thing you do before bed.


It is at these times when your subconscious is most impressionable for change. Good or perceived bad so no worrying before bed or watching disturbing videos and movies etc…

If you participated in any of my VIBE UP programs, you learned that setting yourself up virationally in the morning, even before your feet hit the floor, reaps great rewards.

And be sure to water those changes and creations throughout the day.

You must be persistent and consistent in your repetition with emotion. Engage in the practice 10, 20, 30, 40 times a day.

When you notice resistance, that is a perfect time to do “inner work.”

Turn within to discover, explore who or what inside of you is resisting, protesting, sabotaging your intention and efforts to have, create what you want; the change your seek. Give that part and energy a voice. Hear it out. Learn from it. Update it. Converse with it. Work to bring this part of you to new awarenesses and consciousness creating an automatic inner shift. When inner shifts build up they create CHANGE and wholeness within, meaning, all parts of you working together to support you, the conscious mind, present in the NOW, in living a better life. I can help you with this step.

10 More Ways to Encourage Neuroplasticity, the Rewiring Process:

1. Shake up your routine. Take a new route. Turn left if you always turn right. Go to a different cafe for morning coffee. Work out in the afternoon instead of the morning. Change it up.

2. Move your body. Exercises promotes neuroplasticity.

3. Learn something new. Learning creates new information for the brain computer to consider and process. This practice triggers new awareness, consciousness, AHA, eureka moments and thereby new connections. Sometimes during impressionable AHA moments, you can feel the new connections firing off in your brain. Ever had this happen to you?

4. Learn a new skill like a language, an instrument, a trade; try a new recipe. Use your less dominant hand to do tasks.

5. Try new activities. Stretch yourself. If you like the water and are a swimmer try kayaking, surfing, paddle board, water skiing, jet ski, diving ex.

6. Meditation, Mindfulness, Being Present, Observing your Surroundings all help with neuroplasticity.

7. Sleep. Good sleep increases neuroplasticity. Make sure you have a good amount of REM each night. This is the time when you dream and sort information. Also deep sleep when your body heals and repairs.

8. Fuel your brain with healthy brain foods like healthy fats ie. butter, olive oil; ghee. Eat seafood for dha, oily cold water fish is best. Eggs, berries, avocado, nuts even dark chocolate.

9. Live a Circadian Rhythm Lifestyle. Get into the groove of living in nature in cycle with the sun and seasons. This is your natural way of being.

10. Avoid blu light, artificial light and non native emf’s as much as possible.

None of what I have written is woo.
You can change the pathways and connections of the brain.
Neuroplasticity proves it.
It does require effort, commitment and focus + Repetition.
Make it fun.
Troubleshoot resistance.
Live in harmony with sun cycles.
Reach out to me for help when you hit a stumbling block of resistance. I can help you address and release the limitations; create change from within. That’s my speciality. I’d love to help you breakthrough.

Love Esther

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