Neptune Turns Retrograde for a FIVE month spin here’s how this cosmic movement may show up in your life….

June 18th Energy Update: The planet Neptune, a outer slow moving planet that spiritually represents psychic activity, the psyche, dreams, imagination, illusion and yes confusion is at a stand still ready to turn retrograde in the sign of Pisces later today. When any planet is at a stand still ready to turn direct or retro it is at its most powerful and potent.

Over the next five months and right through the upcoming Eclipse Season, Neptune retrograde will be asking each of us individually and the world at large to turn within and learn more about ourselves. Our goals, wishes and dreams. What triggers us and what inspires us. To discover, explore and release our blocks and limitations. To learn more about who we are as human and as spirit beings. To discover more about the world and the universe. Another great awakening.

This is a period when we delve into fantasy, into our imagination and also to wake up to where we have been mislead by illusion.

  • What long time dreams do you hold that are out of date, no longer apply and yet you still hold onto them?
  • What dreams did you start to pursue and then stop and it is time to revive them?
  • What dreams have you viewed as just a dream nothing more and it is time to wake up that if you dream it you can create it?

As Neptune retrogrades it is in harmonic connection with Jupiter also currently in retrograde. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, good fortune, abundance, opportunity, wisdom. This high vibe connection may create sparks in your life and on the world scene of WHOA out of the blue shifts and changes. (especially during the next couple of days)

Neptune and Jupiter in retrograde together supporting long term plans and opportunities. Anything you set into motion under this sky will have longevity.

As Neptune retrogrades from now until end of the November we will be pulled even more so to turn within and nurture, grow and create change from within.

You have heard of the expression going down the rabbit hole? That’s what a Neptunian influence does takes us down the rabbit hole.

Neptune in retrograde is a good time to:
-strengthen your Divine connection
-support, express and enhance creativity
-live as I AM
-embody More of your Soul Presence and LIVE as Divine
-sign up for a spiritual retreat, class, seminar, boost your own spiritual practice

I will provide a link below to the upcoming 10 1/2 week Eclipse Energy Event that runs right through Neptune Retrograde and WILL take you to next level expansion in your life. It always does say past participants.

Shadow of Neptune Retrograde:
-addictive behavior
-broody, moody
-aimless                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          -psychic delusions
-the dark side

If the shadow aspect of Neptune shows up in your life look at it as information. Information showing you what is standing in the way of living as Divine, expansion and dream making.

As always I honour YOUR unique Soul Journey.

~Love, Esther

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