When a client utter the words, ” My life is tragic,” I could feel her pain.
Over the last weeks her life has in her words, “Fallen apart.”

Wanting and desiring change in her circumstance she finally had the courage to make a move.
The Universal energies were supporting her.
Friends were willing to go the extra mile to assist.
The time was right and she was ready to let go of a relationship dragging her down and move into a grander expansion of herself.

She took a breathe and made the move.
A few days later she went up in her head and stayed there.
Her Ego Mind started to bombard her with abusive words and self judgment.
Her Ego showered her with shame, guilt and fear.
She began to doubt her choice even though in her heart she knew she had made the right decision.

Once up in her head she lost contact with her Self.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Getting back into her heart was challenging.
When she couldn’t stand the battle in her mind anymore she waivered and reverted her decision.  She went back to a relationship that was stagnant.

Two days later when she regained conscious awareness, she decided once again that she must make the move to break free.
She packed her bags and took steps toward a better life.
This time with less confidence.
Riddled with anxiety, worry and upset. Now the situation, her emotions and negative thoughts taking a toll on her health.

She broke down Mind, Body and Spirit.

When she called me for inner healing work and guidance, the first words she uttered were, “My life is tragic.”

We worked with her parts creating fear and worry.  Addressed her emotions of guilt and shame. And I helped her get out of her head and back into her heart space.

Then we began to address the issue of her so called tragic life.  I  honoured that this is how she felt in the moment.  I wasn’t going to sugar coat or deny her feelings. I helped her feel her feelings and tap into the part of her that feels life is tragic. We worked with the part to bring it new awareness and more consciousness.

What if her life wasn’t tragic?
What if everything was in Divine order?
That she didn’t make a mistake?
That her choices were the right ones for her highest and best good?
What if the back and forth in her mind and physical location was exactly what she needed to bring to the surface the issues and layers of limitation holding her back?
What if there was no other way to get her attention to show her that she was full of fear, worry, guilt and shame?  

What if this situation created the perfect opportunity to bring all of these limitations to her awareness so that she could deal with them once and for all?
How can one expand when they still hold layers and issues of density deep within?
What if this situation was her unique way of tilling the soil of her body and being so that when she planted new moves, intentions, ideas, desires they would have fertile ground in which to root and grow?

If she continued to look at her life as tragic more of the same would tumble in.
But if she looked at what was presenting in her life at this time and began the process of an inward journey of discovery, learning and release, she could turn that so called tragic life into something beautiful. She is a creator being and now she gets to choose what she wants to create, more of the same or an inner world that will support her the next time she makes a decision.

This beautiful Soul is one who is newly awakened and learning on many levels about herself, the world, energy, beliefs and who she be.
While her awakening has been rough her desire and dedication to release and let go is mighty.
On some level she has already blossomed and is now taking steps to align with loving and honouring Self.

Blessings to you my friend.

~Love, Esther

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*written with permission


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