There is a hurricane of change heading into my life and my parts are bracing for the storm. Before I go on, let me explain about the parts bit.

“Parts” is a term I use in my CBE therapy modality. It’s an aspect of our unconscious self that runs internal programming. You will find yourself talking about your parts all the time when you catch yourself saying, ” A part of me wants to go on holiday because I need a break and I deserve it, but another part of me keeps telling me that I can’t afford it.” Get the picture? or rather get the part?  (For more information on parts and how important it is to have them working in harmony with your conscious intentions click on this link:

Now back to the story. My office was like a newsroom this morning with all kinds of information pouring in. None of it was bad news but all of it indicated that change is heading my way in many different areas of my life.

Keep in mind I’m the girl who helps people make positive change in their lives. I love change. I embrace change. So why the unease?

My parts are freaked. They too love change and they know when the rainstorm of change ends all will be well, but they can’t stand the rigamarole and preamble to change. (For those of you reading who are freaked that I am talking about my parts as if they are separate from myself just think of it as my inner self or subconscious mind and take a breath.)  In addition they are protesting, that this change is being pushed upon us rather then something we initiated.

Okay Houston now we have a control problem. (That’s me with my psychotherapist hat on.)

As my parts were freaking out and my solar plexus was queasy with unease, I consciously commanded them to chill because I had good work to do with a client.

Having a session booked today was perfect because helping this young man get focused on his future, took me away from my focus on my future. As I stayed present with him and guided him to a  re-engineering of his beliefs, my parts calmed down and worked with me to give him the best CBE process ever. Afterwards my parts and I felt great. We know that all change is good, even the unforeseen change that is thrusted upon us.

As I drove home from the office my Soul began to whisper to me, “You knew all along that this change was coming. You just didn’t want to face it and you pushed it into a corner. Now it is time to face it head on.”

My Soul was right. Deep down inside I knew it was time for me to take steps in each of these areas where  the “news” came today. I just didn’t want to go there yet. Now I am being pushed by the Universe to make a move and take a stance.

Then The Tribunal piped in with their contribution to the situation. They told me that I am well supported by the universe and all of my guides as I journey forward on my path. They said my hand is being held with each step of the change and that the wisdom, guidance and direction needed will come at the right time. The Tribunal assured me that the change is good and will open up for me the blossoming of self that I have been nurturing over the years. They promised to be with me every step of the way guiding and directing with their wisdom.

Inner peace and understanding have now flooded my being. My “parts” are cool and are ready to support me and work with me to an easy shift. They are even delighting in the rigamarole around it. (gosh I love that word)

I too feel consciously confident that all is well.

Thank you Parts, Soul and The Tribunal. I am well loved and taken care of.

~Love, Esther~



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