In less then three hours the world will undergo the Rapture, according to Harold Camping, talk radio personality and self published Christian author. Camping believes in the Rapture as a day of judgement for all the people of the world past and present.

His doomsday message has created fear amongst many people, questions amongst others and laughter and joking among most.

Many people have asked me my thoughts about today’s  perdicted Rapture and because I don’t like to focus on fear based teachings and ideas I have refrained from adding to all the comments and thoughts put forward. But now I feel led to share my thoughts solely because many of the readers of this blog have asked.

I come from a fundamental Christian background and was taught in church and bible study classes that the Rapture is imminent. I learned that on the day of the Rapture followers of Christ would be caught up in the clouds with Jesus, while non believers would be left behind to endure the Tribulation period.

It was clearly expressed to me during all sermons and studies of the Rapture that a date for such an event could not be predicted. That Christians are to be prepared for it coming at any time.

I recall being very excited about the Rapture and also being held in its grip of fear. Fear that I might not be saved. Fear of what might happen to loved ones left behind. Fear that my life would be cut short at leaving goals and dreams left undone.

Now I consider myself to be spiritual and have left many of the Christian teachings I absorbed behind. I no longer believe in the Rapture as a day of judgement.

I do believe that the earth and its people are currently undergoing a major transition. Consciousness is being raised. People are searching for answers as to who they are and their place in the Universe. Citizens of the earth are awakening to all that they are and are growing in this knowledge. Some eagerly and quickly and others are slowly becoming aware, kicking an screaming along the way.

I believe that we are currently in a period referred to as The Shift. A time when this raising of consciousness is occurring at a rapid rate. We see evidence of it in world events. the economy structure change, collapsing of old regimes and the rising of new ones.

In my own life I have undergone tremendous change over the past several years and since 2010 the changes have been fast and furious. Reflect upon you own life. What are you noticing as we move through The Shift?

I do not believe that the world is going to end. That we will be blown up in smithereens.

I believe that changes in the earth formation and structure will continue to occur as the earth purges itself from old and negative emotions and beliefs it has been holding onto for thousands of years.

I believe that world events will continue to trigger massive change in our governments and the way we live.

And I believe each individual will continue to transform themselves with the goal of becoming the light beings that we are.

I respect anyone who has an alternative belief because to them it is their truth. Just as my belief is my truth. I would warmly suggest that if your truth is cloaked in fear, worry and despair that perhaps you may want to expand your awareness or knowledge and see if it is really true for you or something that you were taught and took on as your own belief.

I must admit that I do hold the belief that anything is possible. So really if I believe that, then yes the Rapture could occur today at six pm as predicted by Harold Camping.  For my belief is that anything possible.

But do I really believe in this impending day of judgement? No I don’t.

I’ve discussed this issue with The Tribunal my channeling guides and just as it is their way to keep everything very simple and pragmatic they said to me: “During our discussions with people have we not been addressing their future beyond 2012?”

I laughed and said, “Yes you have.” And there you have it. Now take my words as simply information and decide for yourself your own truth.

~Love, Esther



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