Once again I have been hit by computer issues. This time it’s a virus and spyware disguised as a warning from Windows.

I was suprised when it happened because I have been in a great flow of ease and joy and then out of nowhere pops up computer challenges.

As I look back at yesterday and how I handled the challenge, I am very pleased with myself for I took the observer’s role and responded rather then reacted. I didn’t get caught up in fear that my accounts would be accessed and passwords stolen.

I didn’t get caught up in thinking about the cost of rectifying the situation.

I did ask myself,  “What do I need to learn from this situation?” The answer from my Soul was loud and clear. Be prudent and beef up your computer security. Your business is expanding rapidly and it is wise to ensure that all runs smoothly in the future. Better this blip or lesson now then down the road when the ramifications could be far reaching.

I agree. There is much I am taking away from this situation.

I also wanted to check in with The Tribunal and find out what they had to say about the situation. Frankly enough already with the computer woes, what else is going on?

The Tribunal told me that my energy is running at a different vibration then my computer. Because I am one who doesn’t keep up with the latest in technology I have gotten behind on what is available. As I work with older and slower technology my energy which is rapidly rising and vibrating at a higher level then a few months ago , is no longer compatible with a somewhat antiquated system. They encouraged me to get caught up with technology and all it has to offer.

The Tribunal also encouraged me to continue to do my inner work releasing all of my 3rd dimensional thinking and patterns and allow my frequency to continue to expand and increase. Little issues, for they are very small from the perspective of The Tribunal, like what I am experiencing with my computer will cease as I move on. At the very least they will become more of an annoyance rather then an issue. Just like a fly that buzzes around a picnic lunch.

With great love and encouragement The Tribunal applauded me for all the recent changes that have happened in my inner world and joined me in the excitement of what I am creating. I am grateful to them for working with me and through me to help not only myself in my life’s journey but also others.

~love, Esther~

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