I had the most amazing profound dream last night.

I found myself back at the house I grew up in and it was being demolished. The wrecking ball started at the corner of the house where my bedroom was.

My father, long since deceased was present along with his second wife. I was a bit angry in the dream because I had come for a visit and no one told me that the house was being torn down.

I watched as the walls crumbled.

In the morning when I woke up, remembering my dream I was so excited. I often dream about my childhood home. Typically the dreams involved tornados, storms, stress and anxiety. 

My Soul would soothe me in the morning telling me that deep issues from childhood are rising to the surface. I was urged to face them head on. I was nudged to allow them to release spontaneously.

After years of working on my inner self I was delighted this morning to realized that the old foundation of issues and negativity had finally crumbed in my subconscious and inner world. I didn’t even have to ask my Soul about the meaning of the dream. I knew. My Soul sent me a whisper of confirmation which added an extra bounce to my step as I dressed and headed off  to the gym.

The past 7 days have been wild with change for me and for many of my acquaintance. Perhaps you have felt it as well. The old is releasing and slipping away at lightening speed. All the soul work from the past is culminating into a big swoosh of change.

I believe there is more to come as we head towards 11-11. Notice for yourself what is crumbling away. Drop me a note I would love to hear your stories.

The best part of this? Where there is destruction there is also rebuilding. Bigger and better then ever.

~Love, Esther







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