6:15 am my alarm clock began to chirp.  Normally this would be my signal to jump out of bed, put on my work out clothes and head to the gym.

This morning I hit the snooze button; once, twice, three times.

The fourth time my alarm clock went off I started to pull myself out of bed when I heard a whisper inside of myself, “Your body is tired. Rest and repair.”

This wasn’t something I wanted to hear because I LOVE going to the gym but I could feel the weariness in my body and heeded the call.

I checked in with myself to see what part of me was giving me this nudge. Was it my body? My Channeling guides The Tribunal? Another of the host of guides and angels I have around me? Or perhaps a self sabotaging part?

It was The Tribunal and they wanted to talk.

I knew what was about to transpire would be profound so I listened.

“Go and prepare yourself warm water with lemon. Your liver needs a detox,” was the next instruction.

Once prepared I climbed back into my warm and cozy bed because I was told to read the book sitting on my nightstand. Committed by Elizabeth Gilbert author of Eat Pray Love.

I started reading the book two nights ago and found it to be interesting in subject and delightful as literary prose.

Being obedient to the call I cracked open the book to my turned down page marker and began to read. Not two pages in, a sentence resonated with my own book project. Yes the book project I have given myself three years to complete (Hey The Happiness Project took four years to bring to fruition; info via Twitter) and which has recently grabbed my full attention and excitement.

I kept reading while ignoring urgings from The Tribunal to write down my inspiration. They knew I would forget. But I didn’t want to climb out of my bed. Pure laziness. When I could no longer avoid the increasingly strong urges I plodded over to my computer, grabbed my “book in progress” journal and wrote my Ah Ha.

Settling back into bed with the book, I read a few more pages and then I was told by The Tribunal, “This piece is complete.”

Next they wanted me to close my eyes and talk to them. The Tribunal had messages.

Over the next few minutes they gave me direction on a decision I need to make today telling me that it is important to say “Yes” because it is a learning experience that will push me forward towards the manifestation of my desires.

When I pressed them if this meant it might be a disaster but I would grow, they laughed, for they do have a sense of humour and said, ” Good or bad is a perception. Saying yes to the situation will allow you to get where you want to get sooner. It is your choice.” Then they winked or rather gave me a sense of wink and told me it will be fine.


Then they wanted to talk to me about a friend of mine who is also writing a book. Because I haven’t asked her permission I won’t mention her name, but it was exciting and good news. The Tribunal told me to pass along the information  today not by email or by tweet but over the phone in person so to speak.

When all of that was complete The Tribunal had me focus on the energy of peace and fill my body from the top of my head to the tip of my toes with peace. And bask in it. For just two minutes. (yes meditation can be that simple)

Flooded with the feeling of peace, confident in making today’s decision and excited to share good news with my friend, I jumped out of bed ready to start the day.

As I made my way to the kitchen I reflected. If I hadn’t heeded the call to stay put and skip the gym all of this deliciousness may not have spilled into my awareness. I reminded myself how important it is to listen to the whispers from within. I gave myself an inner hug and began to make coffee.

~Love, Esther



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