Since Saturday my twitter  and email box has been filled with people asking the same questions and leaving comments. “What’s going on I feel so sensitive? I can’t sleep. I feel off. I feel like I have taken 20 steps backwards.”

Other people are getting sick with viruses, chicken pox, allergies, colds and throat infections.

Me? My mood the last five days has been like the weather, all over the map. And because everything always hits my physical body first, I’m bloated and feeling frumpy.

So what the heck is going on?

Well I asked The Tribunal to fill us all in. And then in the effort of keeping it simple for those who are just being introduced to the concept of ascension, I am  paraphrasing their answer and adding examples from my life and those around me. All anonymous of course.

What is ascension? It is the process of lifting one’s consciousness from one reality to another. It is the process of shifting belief systems, behaviors and perceptions. As individuals we are all going through ascension right now and as a collective consciousness we are also ascending. Many believe there will be a culmination in 2012.

People who are conscious of the ascension process are working on themselves through personal growth and spiritual transformation work. Mankind is being awakened to know themselves as spirit and to clear the debris of old thinking patterns and beliefs.

It’s an exciting time for many who want to live life authentically on their terms, being a conscious co-creator with Source Energy.

For others who are blocked  or unwilling to accept the process, it is a time of great unrest and discomfort.

As we do the work which is required to move along in the process, universal energies are assisting us by clearing away that which we no longer are or need, and are re-wiring our energetic systems to match the new energy vibration of the people and the planet.

This is great news because it means we don’t have to do as much work on ourselves as people did in days of old. We can simply decide to release and let go and let the universal energies do their work.

This past weekend starting around Saturday, a huge wave of universal healing energy descending upon the planet re-wiring humanity. I could feel it in the wind on Saturday. Could you?

When this re-wiring or energetic upgrade is occurring we experience symptoms. They are different from person to person.

Now I before I go on, The Tribunal made it clear to me that not all symptoms are because of ascension and that if you are experiencing physical illness or pain, it is important to seek the advice of a health care practitioner. When you do and they tell you that they can’t find anything wrong, then know you are experiencing an ascension symptom.

Like my friend who got chicken pox out of no where. Or another who woke up with a full blown allergy having never been allergic before. One lovely soul emailed me that she felt she had taken 20 steps backwards in the past five days. A client was forced to clean her basement, a task she had been avoiding. This weekend she had no choice, the universe arranged it. Children who are staying in touch with who they truly are have been extra sensitive.

Some might argue that the children are sensitive because it is back to school and that brings up a whole host of issues and emotions. The mom’s I speak with know the difference between school issues and the sensitivities of the shift.

In the last few days my physical body has been  hit hard with symptoms. My body is the tool that the universe uses to push me to make changes. It is the tool that the Universe uses to ground me in the current dimension so that I don’t spend so much time with my head in the clouds. I am currently working on converging different time lines and this can keep me up in the ether’s for much of my day. Experiencing the symptoms of weird food cravings, bloating, feeling frumpy and sluggish is the perfect way for Universe to say, ” I need you back on the planet helping people get through this and understanding the process.”

I am currently having a conversation with Source Energy to see  if we could pick some other tool then my physical body. LOL

Ascension while we all want it, well those of you who are reading this post want it, can be uncomfortable. Think about this way. When you are re-wiring your house or renovating it, everything is in disarray for a while. Things need to be shutdown. Water and electricity are turned off. Debris floats to the surface. Cleaning must commence.

And then when the re-wiring or renovations of your home are complete, everything is put together perfectly. The switch is turned back on. And you sit back and bask in your creation.

The same thing is happening to you as a Soul living in a physical body right now on the planet.

So what do you do?  Understanding the process helps. Talking to other like minded people about your experiences is very good. Listen to your body and give it what it needs. I had to switch my gym routine the last 10 days because I need more sleep then before. Be okay with it if you require more food or if you aren’t hungry when normally it is meal time. Do the work that is required as issues rise to the surface for healing. And more importantly love yourself.

The Tribunal tells me that this wave is over for now and that you will begin to notice a settling of sorts. However they say that the Fall Equinox fast approaching, will usher in another wave of energy.

They remind me to remind you not to fear the symptoms of the ascension process but rather learn about them. “Where there is knowledge there is no need for fear,”  The Tribunal whisper in my ear.

On top of all this. Today is a New Moon in Virgo. Great opportunity to start fresh and reset your intentions and goals.

Mercury is also in retrograde until September 12th effecting communication and technology.

So this is the basic information. And a good place to start. If you want more of this type of information follow me on twitter (soul_whispers) and leave a comment below. I am here to serve you and help in what ever way I can.

Always check within yourself to see what resonates with you. These words are my experience and the perspective of The Tribunal. Check within your Self for your own understanding. Your Soul will whisper back to you-it’s eager and wants to build a relationship with you.

Trusting that this helps…

~Love, Esther

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