May 29th Energy Update: Our day and week starts off with roadblocks and push back as Saturn and Mars move into opposition something that only happens once every two and half years. Although not everyone will feel the effects to extreme, everyone will feel this cosmic alignment to some degree. So let’s get aware of what might show up and then focus on the positive aspect of this celestial event.
Saturn represents the old guard, tradition, structure, responsibility, slow down, fear and karmic relationships. Mars is a fast moving planet all about the new, innovation, breakthroughs and action. When they are in opposition they are fighting against one another.
How might this energy show up in your life? You may have issues with authority figures. You may present a new idea and be rebuffed. Your intention to take action with speed might hit the brakes. Delays may occur. People may not accept your intentions, actions, thoughts and concepts of reality. You may be judged as a result.
Perhaps you are more Saturn like and will find yourself trying to control others who are progressive, want change and ready to move on it. What do you fear will happen if you embrace the new? If you let go of control?
Tempers may flair. Aggression is possible. Confrontation rises up. Not just on a one on one basis but also on the world scene. Watch what is happening globally as this type of energy will show up somewhere, somehow in the news.
As a result it may take extra effort and time to get things done.
What can you do to move through this energy wave more smoothly? Equipped with this information you have an understanding of what might be happening in your life. Be patient for this influence will move along in a few days and by the middle of this week some lovely cosmic influences will sweep in helping everyone create more ease. Think twice, maybe three times before you say something or take action. Your reactive words and actions may have consequences. Don’t allow anyone to detail you from your ideas. If it feels right in the heart go for it. Look for ways to blend the old with the new.
We are in a phase of our Ascension process working to harmonize old and new. To use what is tried and true and combine it with innovation. To allow the youth to rise up with authority and work with older generations who are will to embrace change while holding stability and structure. Harmony.
With the right focus and intention, this period can be a powerful time of creating harmony, collaboration, combining the best of old and new and progress.
~Love, Esther 

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