August second Mercury turns Retrograde until August 26, 2011. This celestial occurrence happens three times a year when the planet Mercury slows down and appears to stop and then move backward (retrograde).

Since Mercury rules communications many have come to recognize the effects of retrograde as communications go haywire. In fact some would say, “All hell breaks loose in the realm of communications.” Whether its verbal, written or computer driven communication mishaps occur. Technology goes wonky. Computers, cars, cell phones break down. Even contracts and agreements are in jeopardy. Many astrologers warn of buying electronics or making major purchases during this time.

These words are not meant to scare  but rather to help you be aware of what is happening so that you can be prepared and understand when things go awry.

We are currently in the shadow of Mercury in Retrograde and I am already feeling the bumps. Yesterday my intuition nudged me to reconfirm my flight plans for next week knowing that the effects of retrograde are already being felt.

When I reconfirmed my flight I discovered that my details had been changed. I spent 45 minutes on the phone with the airline sorting out the changes of which I had not been notified. Next I had to contact the people meeting me at the airport in Lima to update them  and cancel my first night’s hotel reservation. OY!

Could this have happened even if Mercury was not turning retrograde? Of course. But I’ll never know for sure and it was my intuition, knowing that we are in the swing of things ,which prompted me to double check.

This is a good time to back up your computer files. Make sure your holiday plans are in order. Reconfirm meetings and schedules.  Finish off those agreements and contracts and make any large purchases now or wait until August 27Th.

During this time period know that misunderstandings may happen in day to day communications with people. Don’t let yourself get ruffled. Everyone is on edge.

But wait there’s much more to this retrograde period.

It’s going to be a strong retrograde. The reason is because Mercury is stationing at o degrees of Virgo while opposing Neptune at 0 degrees of Pisces.

Now that might mean nothing to you and that’s fine. The take away is that there may be more confusion and unpredictability then usual. Many may find it hard to get focused and/or make a decision. You might find yourself in  a state of forgetfulness.

The blessing in this particular retrograde is the position of Neptune which will help to enhance and influence your spiritual side. Use this energy to let go of things which no longer serve you. Be open to answers coming from The Universe in unexpected ways. Trust your intuition and Higher Self when whispers of guidance come your way. Take extra time for meditation, prayer and spiritual practice.

Just as Mercury slows down during this time period, take time to slow down yourself and view  life from new angles and with new perspective. Make the most of this interesting time.

~Love, Esther


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