I came across a post on twitter that said …

Mental Masturbation

The process of raising dopamine in the brain, by telling people your goals and plans, and how you want to change, but never actually doing anything about it.

~Author Unknown

It struck me as a profound statement. I find many people are stuck in this pattern. Excitedly sharing their goals and dreams. Caught up in the moment of their sharing, and then never taking a step to initiate. Mental Masturbation. I am not pointing fingers. I’ve been there myself from time to to time.

If this is you, telling people your goals, fantasizing about the life you want to live, but never taking solid steps towards change, troubleshoot these two areas.

1. You have beliefs, thoughts, concepts of reality, perspectives which are are holding you back. Discover and change them.

“It’s not possible. I can’t. What if I fail. I don’t have the money. I’m too old. It’s too late. I don’t have the time. Nobody will help me. I have societal obligations. But I have kids. But I have a husband. But I don’t have a husband. I am not good enough, smart enough; capable enough. It’s hard. It’s too much work. It’s too uncomfortable. Someone abandoned me when I was five years old so I can’t.
My parents did not support me when I was young so I can’t.”

These are examples of some possible beliefs and thoughts preventing you from making change; moving from mental masturbation to conscious creation. The beliefs trigger emotion. Beliefs charged by emotion, create behaviors, habits and patterns which determine the outcome. It’s a belief paradigm. A package. A program.

*The good news is, all of that can be changed. It might not change overnight, but it can change as you turn within, discover and explore your personal specific blocks. Awaken to new possibilities and take steps which initiate a shift leading to the change you seek.

It’s an inside job. Start on your own with self reflection, and reach out for help to someone like me when you really want to get the ball of change rolling.

2. Boost your Dopamine in a healthy way.

It is difficult to make change in your life when you are living in a low dopamine state. The conundrum. You want to change your life, manifest dreams, but you’re living low dopamine.

Dopamine is a chemical released in the brain that makes you feel good. Having the right amount of dopamine is important for both for your body and brain. Dopamine is responsible for allowing you to feel pleasure, satisfaction, rewards, attention, learning and motivation.

Low Dopamine = no fun, no interest, no motivation, no curiosity, no critical thinking, no enthusiasm, no desire, no get up and go and a someone do it for me attitude.

We all love a good dopamine hit. The problem is, people use methods to boost dopamine which are unsupportive, unhealthy. ie. junk food, sugar, alcohol, caffeine, gambling, thrill seeking, porn, any addiction you fill in the blank, shopping, sex, smoking, gaming, television, social media, getting likes on a post; attention seeking.

In small amounts these practices are OK depending on the quality of life you seek. But, when they are used as a method for a dopamine surge, which ends in a crash, creating a need for more and more of that activity, addictions are embedded. Nothing wrong with a once in a while shopping high, until it becomes a problem and you have a home full of items you never use, debt you can’t pay off and uncontrollable impulses to buy.

Referring back to the twitter post, dreaming your dream, getting excited about what you want to create and never taking steps to initiate, is a temporary dopamine hit that ends in feeling depressed, inadequate, defeated and disengaged.

What’s the magic recipe for change? Belief work facilitated in a high healthy dopamine state.

As you are doing your inner work, how can you boost your dopamine in a healthy way?

#1 Sunshine. Start living in tune with circadian rhythm. Up with the sun. Daytime with the Sun. Sunset with the Sun.
Get the sunlight in your naked eye and on your naked skin. Sunlight in your eye modulates both serotonin and endorphins, dopamine rises. We were created to be addicted to the sun. It gives us a natural high. Avoid blu light after sunset and nnemfs. (non native electromagnetic frequencies)

More ways to boost Dopamine in a healthy way:

Cold Therapy.
Move your body.
Creative Expression.
Travel and Explore.
Massage. Body work.
Spending time with children, especially babies.
Hanging out with a pet.
Reading a book.
Being in and near a body of water.
Listening to beautiful music.
Doing something that you love, brings you joy; puts a smile on your face.

Engage in these steps simultaneously, Belief Inner Work and Healthy Dopamine Hits, and you’ll start walking along the road called, Conscious Creation & Change.

Love Esther

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