Meditation May Cause Miracles

This is where meditation becomes simple and transformational for YOU!

The benefits of meditation are numerous including: confidence, peace, better health, and deep inner change. Yet so many people struggle with it.


Maybe because it’s so powerful we feel it must be difficult. Since it’s not something most of us grew up doing, there’s a learning curve as well and learning something new can sometimes be scary.

Many people make it seem more complicated than it needs to be. And the lack of confidence that inspires can discourage or sabotage our attempts at using this powerful tool.

I mean, you definitely need to be sitting for hours at a time on the hard ground under a tree …with your legs crossed, eyes closed …and fingers pinched, right?


Truth is, many things we can do to bring courage, empowerment, confidence, love, joy, and peace into our lives are much simpler than we think …and meditation is one of them.

Oh, and I give you complete permission to sit or lie down any way, anywhere you’re comfortable (other than driving, of course) …and the tree is optional. 🙂

Let me ask you a question…

Have you ever felt right on the verge of taking a giant step forward in your personal or spiritual growth only to get stuck by confusion or frustration with the program you chose to follow?

It’s such a set-back when that happens, isn’t it? Confidence is an important benefit of meditation yet when we get stuck learning the process, it can derail us instantly.

I want you to rest assured; you can count on me to be supportive and help your journey to learning meditation to be as peaceful and simple as possible.

Empowering you empowers me in my mission of returning people to the Divine love that they are and that makes you a high priority to me.

So, here’s what I did.

I surveyed people just like you to find out what they struggle with when it comes to meditation.

Now, with the information I gathered, I’ve created programs that make meditation simple.

I know you’re busy and I truly appreciate and respect your time and energy commitments to your personal and spiritual growth.

Therefore, I’ve infused the guided meditations in these programs with additional and very powerful energy work for a relaxed and peaceful session with the power of transformation.

You will get much greater benefit from these channeled (from my Spirit Team), guided meditations than you could from regular meditation alone.

Sound good?

The answers to my survey question of “What meditations do you want most?” were clear:                                                                                                                                                  

  1. Releasing & Clearing Fear1117007_pebble_balance
  2. Connect with and trust your intuition
  3. Raise your Vibration

Also, the answer to the length of meditation that would fit nicely into the day of busy people like you was 20-30 minutes.

…so that’s what I created for you; three guided, energy infused, channeled meditations on the three most-requested topics.

Those who have worked with me know I take you on a much deeper journey inside than most meditations, to where true change and transformation can take place.

Your time and energy are valuable to me and I want you to realize your dreams, with peace of mind and confidence, as quickly and easily as possible.

“Fluff is not my style – if we are going to do inner work lets go deep and make some change!” ~ Esther Bartkiw

I’ve heard many times from people who are frustrated because they want to reap the rewards of meditation but tell me: they don’t have time, don’t know how, that it’s hard or that they fall asleep when they meditate.

Did you find yourself nodding your head “yes” to any of those?

Well, thank goodness you’re here! You’re definitely in the right place and I so look forward to sharing what I’ve learned with you to help you along your journey.

Let’s Debunk Some Meditation Myths, Shall We?

Myth #1: You have to meditate a certain way.

As I mentioned earlier, it’s not necessary to sit cross-legged under a tree with your fingers pinched nor do you have to sit on a hard floor with your back straight and your eyes closed for hours at a time.

But did you know you can use my meditations at your desk, on the sofa, lying on a bed, at the beach, in a bathtub, working out at the gym, gardening, on public transit or standing under a glorious spray of water in the shower?


Yes! It’s true. Meditating can be simple; and it can be simple for YOU to fit into your daily routine…

Esther you have made meditation easy for me. I could never quiet my mind or get still enough to relax when I tried to meditate on my own. By listening to your guided meditations. I let you do the work and I just follow along allowing the energy to do its work. Thank you.”
~ Sandra, Vancouver BC

Myth #2: You have to get really good at meditating before you can reap the rewards.

My clients benefit from my meditations the first time they experience them.

Because I infuse them with energy work including music that takes you deeper quicker, transformation can happen immediately and is reinforced and expanded each and every time you meditate.

“I had to write and tell you that I felt such a tremendous release today while listening to one of your meditations. Tears were flowing down my face, I felt my heart open and energy was racing through my body. This was more than just a meditation. I don’t know what you are doing just keep doing it.”
~ Talia, UK

Myth #3: It can take a long time to make changes if you have several issues to work on.

Because everything is connected, when you shift one area of your life all areas can change.

You will become more aware of situations, patterns, behaviors and thinking processes changing as a result of these meditations even though they might not be addressed directly.

These mediations will influence all areas of your life to become more abundant: love, health, relationships, career, fun, social and creativity.

When I came to see Esther I was desperately struggling with jealousy issues that were consuming me, my marriage and relationships with family. While addressing the core issue, also released were two phobias we didn’t even focus on that changed my life dramatically.”
~ 34 year old female, Oakville Ontario

Here’s a description of each of the meditations:

1425358_pink_water_lilyMeditation #1: Releasing & Clearing Fear (25 mins)
Without fear your courage and confidence are allowed to rise to the surface and you feel and become empowered and capable.

Part of the confidence you will gain is knowing you are capable of using meditation to transform energy previously wasted on fearfulness into energy that creates peace of mind and joy in your life.

Any time a fear pops up, this meditation will help you connect and clear it.

Fear can have layers and as you clear one layer, you gain access to the next. As you clear each one, your confidence expands and positively impacts your entire life.

Listen to a sample of Releasing Fear Meditation:



Meditation #2: Connecting With & Trusting Your Intuition (26 mins)

Intuition is your key to unlock the wisdom of the Universe and get answers to every question you will ever have at any given time, in every situation.

Trusting it, you can see, hear, feel or sense those answers that come directly to you and support you on your life journey, expansion of Self and ascension into higher frequency vibrations.

No more asking other people their thoughts and opinions that can’t help but be influenced by their own life experiences that may have nothing to do with yours.

Intuition allows you to anticipate situations before they happen as well as determine what the feelings in your own body are telling you.

As we expand your connectivity with this Divine gift from the Universe, you will strengthen your self-trust and gain confidence to take back the power you have been giving other people and live your life on your own terms.

This meditation will also allow you to feel more grounded and in control of your life with the ability to ask yourself, “What is for my highest and best good in this situation?” and get an immediate correct answer.


Meditation #3 – Raising Your Vibration (26 mins)

Everything in the universe is energy and runs on vibration (physics). Vibration seeks and joins with other vibrations of the same frequency to create everything we see, touch, taste, hear and smell.

Our thoughts, feelings and actions are vibrations – either low-frequency attracting more negative or challenging people and situations or high-frequency attracting positive, empowering people and situations.

Raising your vibration with my Violet Flame Meditation will allow you to:

  • Clear density and limitations from your mind and body with Spiritual fire and energy.
  • Open up to greater awareness and ability of your gifts and talents.
  • Align with the earths rising vibration and sync with it for the highest and best good of yourself and the planet.
  • Receive more direct and clear guidance from your Higher Self, Intuition and Spirit Realm, from Universe.
  • Understand everything better and navigate the twists and turns of life more easily knowing you can manifest all of your desires – love, money abundance, career, success, relationships, health, well-being, vitality and peace of mind.


Your Next Step

Select the Transformational Meditation Package that fits you best and get started transforming your life right NOW.

Transformational Meditation Package A – $47 (Savings of $13) + HST added at checkout

  1. All 3 Guided Meditations with Esther, channeled from her Spirit Team and infused with energy work including music that takes you deeper quicker for true transformation.

Each of the three meditations builds on the others so the benefits are far greater as a bundle than individual meditations would be.

If they were sold separately they would sell for $20 each so this package is a monetary savings of $13 and priceless when you consider the savings of future mental, emotional and physical stress and challenges.

Meditations received as convenient mp3 downloads.
Instructions for optimizing the benefits of using these meditations will be sent to you directly with the mp3 links.

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Transformational Meditation Package B – $97 (Savings of $235) + HST added at checkout

  1. All 3 Guided Meditations with Esther, channeled from her Spirit Team and infused with energy work including music that takes you deeper quicker for true transformation. (Value $60)
  2. PLUS a Customized Channeled Meditation on an issue of your choice from Esther. This is a special service only offered in this package. (sans music) Infused with high energy vibrations.  (Value $125)
  3. BONUS: $50 off of a Private One-Hour Session with Esther to address and shift the issue of your choice.

This very generous package is a monetary savings of $235 and priceless when you consider the savings of future mental, emotional and physical stress and challenges.

All meditations received as convenient mp3 downloads.
Instructions for optimizing the benefits of using these meditations will be sent to you directly with the mp3 links.

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