May 1st Energy Update: Hands up who couldn’t sleep last night? As we shift into the month of May, the energy waves are powerful, transformative and in many ways exactly what we have been asking for, looking for; wanting with a passion.
By the end of this month at least one area of your life will fall into place. Situations which have been tense, out-of-order, chaotic, unresolved will smooth out.
And we are heading into a whole new cycle that will last a year and half bringing about MAJOR RELEASE and CHANGE.
There is so much I want to tell you about and I am going to chunk down the details into a few different posts so not to allow for the absorption of information. My aim is to not gloss over any of the significant events which are taking place this month.
I have so much information coming at me that I too need to sit, be still and quiet, take notes and absorb it so that I can relay it to you for your consideration, inspiration and motivation.
Right now I want to encourage you that MAY is shaping up to be a BIG month of Change with Positive Aspects; even more Clarity and Action. If you heed your role of responsibility and action, you WILL Create something of your heart’s desires.
So let’s all take a deep breath. I know it is exciting and on a Soul and energetic level we KNOW that the change is coming and that is why we couldn’t sleep last night.
Make sure you ground so that the high vibes flow through you rather than get caught and short-circuit your mind, body and energy field.
Do whatever you have to do to place yourself in the highest most positive feelings, emotions and thought patterns.
Weed out the negativity.
And be READY and OPEN to receive. I am expecting fantastic announcements from all of you my Beautiful Friends of what transpires in your life this month.
Yes I know I am creating a BIG Build up. Let go of expectation. Trust and Believe. Follow through on the intuitive hits and let’s watch to see what unfolds.
In the meantime….
Happy May Day! We are at the half way point between Spring Equinox and June Solstice. While many celebrate May Day with a dance around the May Pole, and International Workers Day, I love the cosmic, astrological aspects of it. 
It is also St. Germain Day Ascension Day. The day when St. Germain and the League of Light bless humanity and Earth with the purifying rays of the Violet Flame. The Violet Flame is a Holy Light given to us as a gift to transmute the dross and raise the vibration and frequencies of the planet, anchoring in more strongly 5D energies already present and in motion. The Violet Flame is with us always and particularly on May 1st we receive its Blessings in a magnified way. 
I have an excellent Raise Your Vibration With the Violet Flame Meditation/Activation on offer. People have been using this meditation and Spiritual Tool to transform their thoughts, emotions, patterns, behaviors etc… Check it out –> 
I know you can feel the high vibes of this post, of the day; of the possibilities. Allow yourself to immerse in the frequencies. Not only is it going to be a good day it is going to be a good month!
Stay close I will write more about this yumminess….
Love, Esther

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