May 27th Energy Update: Another day with an active sky. First Mars which is in retrograde until June 29th shifts into a new sign, back into Scorpio placing focus and attention on our inner world particularly self power, self inspiration, motivation, expression.

Use this time wisely for inner work, spiritual practice and wealth creation. If you are engaged in or entering into a partnership or joint venture Mars retrograde in Scorpio will assist.

The flip-side of this Mars movement is that one could become obsessive, indulge in the shadow or dark side whatever that means to you. The past may surface whether in memory or perhaps someone from your past may show up for closure/resolution.

Other planets are also connecting today in a strong and powerful way which is amping up our attraction factor. Keep in mind that your feeling and emotional state, along with your thoughts, beliefs, actions determine what you attract into your life.

If you feel angry and radiate that out into the world a match to the anger will be drawn to you. If you feel hopeful, joyous, confident than those energies will ripple out into the universe delivering back to you situations, people, opportunities of the same kind.

Today be mindful of what you are sending out into the world. Manifestation is strong and law of attraction tells you that you will draw into your experience an exact match.

~Love, Esther

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