The upcoming Total Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio on May 16th is  going to be deeply transformative for everyone.
It relates to 2004.
There is a 2010-2011 connection.
Emotional Upheaval.
Emotional Purge.
I’m going to be straight with you.
Drop everything and watch this video now in it’s entirety.
It will help you to make sense of what this eclipse season is addressing in your life.
And what may be coming down the pipeline for the next six months to one year.
I had a profound realization and I feel you will too.
I’m getting a lot of requests for readings right now so I thought I would make a special offer to help everyone out.
One hour Divine Guidance channeled reading $100 off … 
Use code: lunareclipse
Expires end of day May 10th, 2022.
Due to time zone differences sessions are held 
Mornings for North America
Morning or After for Europe
Evenings for Australia/New Zealand.
I will do my best to book you as quickly as possible to answer your Eclipse Questions.
And an Aura Cleanse and Release is good right now to clear old energies out of your Field. Click Here for Details. 

Love, Esther

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