During the recent Venus In Transit event I was given some interesting information from my Council of 12–The Tribunal about Love, Sex and Relationships after The Shift.

 Below is the channeled information as unedited as possible.



 Love, Sex And Relationships After The Shift

We have just come through a period of Venus in Transit during which the Universe sent waves of energy through our bodies,  expanding our heart chakras to accept Divine Love as it pours into our being  so that we can  understand and experience what Love is.

Venus in Transit has been assisting us in creating a harmony between our masculine and feminine energies, not only in us as human beings but also in  nature, the animal kingdom, in  families, institutions, companies, governments and countries. For everything on this planet holds within itself both masculine and feminine aspects.

For a long time these aspects have been out of balance. Either there existed very strong male energy and weak female energy or a strong female energy and a weak male energy. This created an imbalance within people, relationships and on a wider scale within companies and governments.

During this Shift 2012, beautiful Venus is helping us to blend and harmonize our male and female aspects. This does not mean that men are going to be emasculated or that women are going to dominate. What it means is that we are going to begin to do a beautiful dance of harmony with one another.

As individuals, women when they need to make a decision, show courage, stand of up for themselves or build something will be able to call forward their masculine side for assistance while still maintaining their feminine qualities.

Men will continue to move from A to B, solve problems,  figure things out, build and construct and at the same time show emotion more openly, express themselves more fully, nurture, love or be creative and will do so without judgement.

Having access to both male and female qualities and weaving them inside of ourselves allows us to choose in any given moment what we want to bring to the surface for the highest and best good of ourselves and those around us. More heaven on earth.

Let’s take this to the level of relationships for right now there are many relationships in jeopardy because the female has all the power or the male has all the power and there is very little dancing and/or harmony between couples.

As individuals change, relationships will change.  Here is a scenario to consider. The female will look to the male and say, “I need a place to rest please build one for me.”  The man replies, “Yes I will go build for you.  I will build you a beautiful resting spot out in the garden and I know exactly how I will build it.” And she says, “Yes please build me a beautiful place to rest out in the garden.”

While he is building the structure she is deciding what colors to use, what motify to add and how to decorate the surroundings.  At times she may pick up a hammer and he may caress a fabric both in harmony and without judgement. The two of them do a little dance and a place of rest in the garden is created. They stand back and look at what they have made together and exclaim that it is good. They acknowledge that they have created something good and in harmony. The structure is a  result of male and female energies coming together in flow.

The pattern will also integrate and move through nature, the animal kingdom, groups, companies and governments. This  shift is already happening and you see it in the change that is occurring on earth.  It is another aspect of what The Shift is doing for us on the planet and throughout the universe. For this Shift is not only a planetary shift it is a universal one as well. That is how much God, Source Energy loves you. God is willing to work for you and with you to bring you back into harmony and Divine Love.

But what about sex? I hear you asking.

For a long time sex has been very much a release of the second chakra, the sacral chakra. A build up of energy. A need to release the energy and using sex as a means to release it. There has been much distortion around sex: misuse, abuse, lording over, manipulation, domination, rules and judgements. As we move back into a beautiful harmony of masculine and feminine energies and heart chakras are opening up to a whole new level, sex will once again become a true expression of what love is and  was originally intended and meant to be.

There are some who feel that moving into more consciousness, higher dimensions and further along in The Shift means that sex will be take out of the equation. There are people who may choose to no longer desire  or participate in sex and that is fine as  all have choice and the right to rechoose. But this does not mean that the no sex choice  is for you.

There will however be a change in how you look at sex, how you desire it and express yourself sexually. Sex will begin to be once again a free expression of its purest form of love, connection, true desire, having fun and feeling good.

Each of us has chosen to be on the planet at this time to have this experience. Continue to let go of all that you are not and step into the magnificent being full of Divine Love that you are.

 Love,  Esther



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