Yes where you live greatly effects your energy vibration.
Whether that is your home or city, maybe even the country. The air quality, weather conditions, if you are by mountains or ocean.
For some living close to a body of water helps to raise their vibration.
Others need desert like conditions to amp their vibe.
Some people thrive energetically in a big city and others out in the country.
Maybe you are in the right spot geographically but it is the home, condo building even flat that you are living in that drags you down or uplifts you.
Perhaps where you are living has been wonderful up to this point and now the energy feels old and stale as you have outgrown that vibration and need to live in a place, dwelling, with people that match your frequency.
Many people on a Conscious Journey of Ascension have been on the move for the last three years and will continue to be as their energy no longer matches their location and they feel the inner pull to move somewhere new.
Several who read my posts have already made those moves and others are in process. Just last week I received an email from a beautiful being who asked: Could it be that where I live is what’s holding me back? The answer is YES. I often do readings for people on location and best places to live.
As everything is changing so is the location of where we live. Some people are going to move several times as their vibration continues to lift, lift, lift.
Listen to the whispers and guidance. Notice what and where you are drawn to. Release the inner doubts, worries, fears, I can’t do it, my family is here, etc… you know all of those protests that rise up inside when you receive the inner directive to move.
You can take it slow. It took me almost four years to move my spiritual practice from an actual office location to on line, sell all of my possessions, pack my suitcase, grab my lap top, buy an air ticket and say, Okay Universe place me where you need me and consider my loves and preferences. And Universe has done just that.
For those who at the moment are absolute that they cannot move all is not lost! Change your dwelling. If heat is what you need and you live in a cold climate buy yourself some lovely soft, warm clothes to wear like a pair of cashmere socks. If you need more humidity to amp your vibe purchase a humidifier. Perhaps you are receiving the message that water is what supports you and you live in a dry climate with little rain and no water then bring water elements into your home. Like one of those lovely little water fountains. Listen to the sounds of a babbling brook, make your computer screen saver an image of water. Soak in a tub.
Over the last 2 + years as I have been a cosmic and earth gypsy. Universe has co-created with me amazing locations to live and thrive. Some places I outgrew the vibration quickly and have noticed. Other places keep calling me back because the vibe is perfect for me at this time.
Three days ago I landed in my new digs here in Tirana, Albania.  From the moment I stepped off the plane I was smitten by the country. The people are amazing. The scenery gorgeous, a city surrounded by mountains, the colours are vibrant. The food is fab and my Air BnB host is a delight. We are already conspiring creation plans for the future. I found a brand new state of the art gym just a six minute walk away and wow I thought Belgrade had an amazing coffee culture. Tirana blows away any place I have ever visited with the amount of cafes to explore.
Have their been glitches? Yes there were a couple of snafus as an Entity made a visit the first night of my stay, creating a power surge which resulted in a broken fridge and air conditioner. But everything is fixed now and the Entity has moved on after some loving conversation.
I have been referring to Tirana as Magical and I feel fantastic. My glow is returning after the pollution of Ulaanbatar and I feel rejuvenated. This is the perfect place for me to be hosting the Eclipse Event and to work on my Bosnian Pyramids Class for Sacred U. Location does effect your vibration. I notice it all of the time.
Take some time to consider that maybe this is your next step in your Ascension Process, a location move. It could be as minor as getting a new apartment in your building or somewhere else in your city. Or you may move across country, or to a whole new country.
Perhaps for you it is changing the environment inside your dwelling so that the surroundings vibe with you. What item is old and outdated, holds old energy that needs to be released? It could be a treasure to someone else.
As we get closer and closer to Eclipse Season and the first Eclipse on August 7th, a Lunar Eclipse, meditating on these kinds of subjects are part of the prep work setting us up for the fullest experience of what is to come.
Always with love and for your consideration….
~Love, Esther
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