My Soul reminded me today that life is an exciting adventure.

It whispered, “There is no beginning or ending to life. What you are experiencing  right now on this physical plane called earth is not all there is. Life isn’t a one shot deal. We transition from one experience to another and when your time here is complete you will simply move on to another adventure.

It is important for people to enjoy this ride called life with the understanding that you won’t complete everything you want to achieve and that’s okay. In the universe there is no time element or constraint and you have all of eternity to do what you want and accomplish what you desire.

When one fully understands this concept, life becomes less stressful. Self imposed pressures and demands dissolve. You begin to live life knowing that there is enough time and unlimited resources to be the magnificent creator that you are.

As you begin to look at life as an exciting adventure the bumps, twists and turns in the road take on the feel of an amusement park ride. It’s exciting and thrilling; a little bit scary, but in the end you know that you’ll arrive at the end of the ride safe and sound. The bars on the capsule called life will lift and you will be set free to continue on.

When people truly understand  this message it frees their soul, heart and mind to live life with a new perspective . Then life become a game, an exciting adventure, a thrilling ride.”

Thank you for the reminder–I whispered back.

Love, Esther


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