Libra’s Shadow Side. Good information for Eclipse Season.
Today on the Energy Updates Private Telegram Group I am discussing the shadow side of Libra.
Why? Because the Sun is currently in Libra along with many other planets, but most importantly the first eclipse of this season, a solar eclipse on October 14th, is in the sign of Libra.
We are familiar with the positive aspects of Libra: harmony, balance, diplomacy, compromise, justice, creativity, reliable, supportive, beauty, logical and practical.
But what about the shadow side? Sure the eclipse energies may be helping you to create balance and better relationships in your life…
But eclipse energies may also bring to the surface shadow libra held within, urging you to face and address it.
Like anger and ghosting +++
Also as part of today’s discussion, what parts of the body does Libra rule? One part is skin. If you suffer from any kind of skin irritation on an emotional level,it might have to do with a Libra theme light or shadow.
And for fun I talk about the Greek Goddess Libra, Air Sign aspects and where to find Libra in the sky.
If you have been considering joining the Energy Update Private Telegram Group now is a good time as we head into Eclipse Season.
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Love, Esther

Hi I’m Esther Bartkiw, holistic core belief therapist, intuitive and energy reader; entangled with LIGHT. I blend core belief therapy with psychological tips, tools and techniques, spiritual concepts and practices to facilitate for my clients deep inner change which positively transforms their day to day reality.

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