Last night I let go of more luggage. By luggage I mean old, stale and outdated beliefs, behaviors and patterns. It all happened during my dream state.

I dreamt that I was about to embark on an exotic vacation. I was waiting for limo pick up and quickly two young men arrived at my truck (I owned a truck in the dream not in real life) to fetch my suitcases. They weren’t really suitcases. They were more like big plastic bags spilling out with stuff I clearly did not need on holiday.

After throwing said luggage into the back of the limo I enquired as to when I would be picked up. The men said someone would be by in a about a half an hour.

Night was falling and I didn’t want to be sitting on the curb in the parking lot where my truck was parked so I wandered into a nearby store where a cultural festival was being held.

It was at that moment I became the observer in my dream. I realized that my luggage was gone and I was still there. I made the connection that something had been released.

I was even aware enough in my dream to recall a dream I had a few weeks back during which someone was trying to take my luggage and I was screaming and hollering clutching at it with all my might and strength. I wouldn’t let it go.

But last night I did. I remember being very relieved.

Usually I know exactly what is being released from my being during my sleep state but last night I wasn’t too sure. I have been working on shifting patterns around clinging to the past, holding onto family history and generational connections. That might be the baggage which was lifted.

Regardless something is gone and I am delighted. 

This morning I woke up with a smile on my face, the knowledge of change in my heart and a feeling of lightness.

~Love, Esther


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