August 7th Energy Update:

Mercury opposes Neptune today and a clash may ensue between your dreams and your logical mind. Do you have to understand something in order to make change; to let go? Do you have to understand something in order to manifest your desires? Or is it best to simply be the Love, Light, Divinity that you are, hold intentions and allow the energy of Love, who you are to attract to you what you desire and even better?

When I realized that I was running a paradigm of I have to understand something in order to release or I have to understand how to create that something in order to receive it was an A Ha moment for me. I was limiting myself. Playing in the realm of if this then that. Not allowing the miracle of Me to show up in a grand way.

A couple of days ago I wrote a post on Face Book about the mind. That the mind is wonderful and useful in many ways. It also tries to protect us and keep us safe from everything and one of its methods is: I have to understand this first. Would you be willing to let go of that process of needing to understand everything, be the Light that you are and allow the change to happen organically?

Tomorrow is the much talked about 8-8 Lion’s Gate (post coming soon stay close) and today Universe is preparing us for the flood of New Light and New Codes which are already pouring out of the Galactic Core and which will peak tomorrow by asking us this question. Do you have to understand everything in order to make change and manifest your desires?

~Love, Esther

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