The answer is YES! Letting Go is not meant to be difficult.

When we are done with something whether it is a belief, thought, pattern, behavior or memory letting go is simple. Just toss it into the cosmos for transmutation, place your attention on something new, make a different choice, shift your focus to something bigger and better and turn your back on it once and for all.

Here’s an example: Imagine that you are at a dinner buffet with a wide variety of food choices. You make a choice and after a bite come to the decision that you don’t like that food, it’s not your taste. Most people will push that piece of food off to the side never to return to it again. If you hold a limiting belief, most likely imprinted from family such as: I have to eat everything on my plate, then you might finish that morsel. But the majority of you will not go back to the buffet table and keep filling up on that food you do not like. Instead you explore the bounty of food items. You salivate over the spread laid out in front of you and choose something different. Now take this analogy and apply it to the issue or situation that you are having trouble letting go. It’s the same idea. You are living in a Universe which offers a buffet of choices and possibilities and yet you keep going back to that one thing over and over again even though it is not your desire or taste.


Why do so many people find it a struggle to let go and move on?

  • We attach meaning and benefit to that thing we want to be rid of; it is serving us in some way. If you are wanting to release something from your life experience; a financial situation, physical issue, relationship, job, thought, belief and no matter what you do it continues to linger, then it is benefiting you in some way and you keep it around. That benefit might be out of date with who you are now, it might be hurting you when once it was helping you, it might be skewed or off but it is helping and serving you in some way.

What Do You Do?

  • Create consciousness around that issue and its benefits. Become aware of how it is serving you. Explore it. Go beneath the presenting issue or situation. By doing this you create conscious awareness. Sometimes this approach triggers an AH HA moment that creates enough of a shift to get you to let go, change gears and cast that issue away.

Why Is Conscious Awareness Not Always Enough?

  • Sometimes the energy of that limitation is deeply embedded in our body and it takes time to release especially if it is held in the physical body. Density held in the physical body compared to the mental or emotional levels of our being always seem to take the longest to disperse and release.
  • In addition many of us hold a belief that we have to do some kind of process, activation, technique, jump through hoops, I must do something in order to let go.  It’s hard to let go. More limiting beliefs.
  • As a result we take ourselves through process after process wondering is this the one that is going to help? What if it is not the one? What if there is something better? Am I missing the boat? Doubts arise and you begin to believe that nothing ever works for you. More limitations.
  • In truth there is nothing wrong with participating in processes, sessions and activations. It is part of our journey.  They help us to access energies we are unaware of; create conscious awareness and satisfy that need to do something in a productive way. But they aren’t always necessary when you are ready to let go.

Now It’s Time To Go Deeper.

  • Go underneath your presenting issue. Root out the core belief anchoring your situation at hand.
  • You see many people work with the surface issue or the symptom. Lack of finances or a body ache is a symptom of something deeper happening at the very core of your being.
  • In order to make effective long lasting change you need to get to the core and make a shift at that level.
  • From my experience working one on one with clients and with myself there are common limiting beliefs which hold our issues in place: I am not good enough. I am not worthy. I am not deserving. The world is unsafe. What will other people think? People might not like me. I am unlovable. I have nothing to offer. Change is scary. Fear of the unknown. Lack of trust in the Universe and in Self.

And Here Is The Big One Write This Down:

  • Fear of losing your identity. Who will I be without my aches and pains? If I am not a wife, husband, mom or dad? Who will I be without this job or position?  Without my money struggles because that is all I have ever known? Who will I be without my anger, sadness, depression?

Well Sweet Being you will be your True Self.  That is who you will be. You will be that which you have been desiring and wanting to be. YOU  in all of your glory and infinite wisdom, joy, abundance, gifts, talents and abilities; that’s who.

You will be that being that you have come to the planet in this lifetime to once and for all expand into. It really is as easy as letting go and making a new choice.

Some of you may have a layer of limitation attached to the idea of being your True Self. What if I am not accepted? What if I  am too big, too grand? What if I explode? What if I become too much to handle? Keep following the layers to the core.

If you struggle with Letting Go follow these steps:

  • Create conscious awareness around the benefits of your issue and how it is serving you. If your realizations and ah has are not enough then…
  • Participate in a process or activation to free yourself from the energy. If you still need more……
  • Go deeper to the underlying core belief and resolve it once and for all. Get someone to guide you through it and help you overcome your conscious collusions. Getting to the core is one of my gifts and abilities, that is why I love one on one work and continue to do it in my private practice.  (How Can I Work With Esther? Click Here)

Letting go is meant to be simple. Isn’t it time  for all of us to stop making things so hard? Use these tips and suggestions to help you break free once and for all.

Love, Esther

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