Today my Soul taught me many lessons as my day was put on hold to help a friend.

I was happy to help my friend; it wasn’t a troublesome request. In fact I was grateful for the opportunity to help him out because he so rarely asks for assistance.

The challenge for me was that he wasn’t quite sure at what time during the day he would need me. It all depended on how long it took the mechanic to find a specific part and install it in my friend’s truck.

No problem I was ready and good to go. My cell phone was  on. I was mindful of the situation and even structured my day so that at the spur of the moment when the call came through–I was ready to hop into my car–drive an hour away and help this fella out.

What it meant for me was that I couldn’t really start any of the major tasks I was planning on accomplishing today–you know the kind of activities that once you start you must see them through to completion.

As the day wore on my friend would call me with updates on the situation, all which were very bleak. ” The mechanic is not answering the phone.  He needs a part. He can’t find the part. The search for the part continues.”

I could hear the frustration in my friend’s voice, for his truck was essential to his business and it was important for him to have it fixed by the end of today. I wanted to be a calm, steady and positive voice of assurance for him to make it through this trying event. So I voiced soothing tones of encourgement to him, all well received and appreciated.

As we waited I puttered. I can be awfully good at puttering. I went for a coffee. Sat outside in the sunshine reading New Moon (almost done). I went grocery shopping. To the office supply store. The post office to pick up a parcel. I caught up on email and called my niece for a chit chat. All the while waiting for the phone call that would signal my need to head onto the highway.

A few minutes ago a call came but it wasn’t the one I was expecting. The much elusive truck part is being overnighted to the repair shop. Soon as it arrives the mechanic will get to work and tomorrow my assistance will be needed. I will be going through this whole routine again.

I sat down and asked my Self, “What is my lesson in all of this today?” My Soul whispered; “You are learning to be flexible, a quality which  deserves further development. You are learning to be patience.” ” But most of all,”  said my Soul, “You are learning to show compassion to others in a greater way then you already do. Today you led solely from the heart and the vibration of that leading was felt by all involved.”

My Soul then encouraged me to be more conscious about leading from the heart on a deeper level. In fact it told me that is the next big lesson I will be moving through in my life. There is more to come.  I am  now on a journey of leading more from the heart then from the head.

~Love, Esther~

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