Friday 7:30 pm EST.

I just received an email alert that  an X Class Solar Flare, the strongest one this year has erupted from the same area of the sun that experienced solar flare bursts earlier this week.

Remember how we all felt just a few days ago? Most of us experienced extreme fatigue, loss of concentration and a general feeling of being zapped. There were a few who felt energized. The effects of the flares hit us all differently depending on our needs and where we are in our ascension process. Some people might not feel a thing and that is perfectly normal as well.

Many people and businesses also experienced problems with technology and more then one person I know had some of their electronic equipment completely fizzle out.

More of the same is heading our way.

Again I tell you this not to frighten you for fear is an unhealthy and unproductive way of being. Rather my intention is to inform you so that you have an idea of what is happening in the world around you and how to deal with it.

I believe that these solar flares are very significant and an essential part of The Shift  and the 2012 transition.

The Tribunal my channeling guides tell me that the energy from the flares are assisting us in the ascension process, changing our DNA and lifting us into higher consciousness and dimensions.

Good news for those who are ready and wanting the change. Uncomfortable for those who continue to hold onto old, outdated and limiting ways of thinking and being.

What can you do?

 Go with the flow and allow the energy to help you to release what you need and want to.

Stop arguing for your limitations. Rest, hydrate and ground yourself. As I mentioned earlier this week on a face book post, walking barefoot on the earth is highly beneficial.

News Report on the solar flare–click here.

~Love, Esther

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