Kundalini is a Sanskrit term from ancient India that identifies the rising up of an energy and consciousness which has been coiled at the base of the spine since birth. It is the source of the life force (pranic energy, chi) that we all hold within us.  

Due to spiritual practices, or in response to life events you may experience a spontaneous kundalini awakening. When this happens the energy may move slowly uncoiling like a snake, or move quickly and explosively throughout the whole body. This event can be startling for the unaware also blissful, exciting and invigorating. It usually triggers months and years of new sensations and change in the person who experiences the awakening. The energy charge is high and sometimes it takes time to adapt to the wave.

Kundalini awakening can trigger a wide range of phenomena.  Eastern traditions say it stimulates greater spiritual awareness and realization. It can cause significant changes in our physical bodies, on the emotional level, in our thought process, sensing and psychic capacities. Kundalini awakening opens the heart and mind to major shifts in perspective. It can create sensations including vibrating, spontaneous movement, visions, epiphanies and many other phenomena. Some people experience discomfort when the sensations rocks their body due to lack of understanding of what is happening or chakras not being open. But with this basic understanding I offer, when/if it happens to you, you will be able to move with and experience the energy with more ease. Just let it flow.

Kundalini awakening offers a profound opportunity to awaken to a spiritual path or for the awakened to expand their soul’s journey of ascension.  The energy  is known for its transformative power in the process of self development and spiritual growth.

It assists in releasing many patterns, beliefs, behaviors not supporting our desired life experience and ascension process.   Awakens inner knowledge.

Breathe work, Yoga, spiritual practice, meditation, inner work, a life experience can all create a kundalini awakening.

My kundalini experience felt like an orgasm. I was in a room with eight people. We were doing inner work training and processing. It was in the very early days of my spiritual conscious awakening, about 7-8 months in.

I was being guided through a deep process of self love, much was being realized about Self and much was being released.

I could feel the build up of an orgasm and while I was enjoying it, at the same time I was embarrassed it was happening right there in a room with other people. Did they know? Where they aware? What if I shouted out or uttered some form of orgasmic expression?

In the end I could not hold it back and it presented as a physical orgasm of my body shooting from my vagina to my tailbone up my body to my head. I will never forget it.

About a month later  when I came clean to my teacher/mentors, I found out this was a kundalini awakening, that it was normal and a couple of other ladies in our class also had the experience although they too shied away from taking about it.

Why do I share with you this personal story and information?

On April 11th, 2019 I am hosting a on line Merkabah Activation, and one of the benefits of activation, rejuvenating your Merkaba is creating the space and possibility of a Kundalini awakening whether for the first time or another rush of opening in the moment or later on when your Merkaba takes hold.

Please note Merkaba and Kundalini Activation are two different energies, activations and aspects of our awakening. But we know that energy activated influences other energies to be activated, and Merkaba and Kundalini energies are interconnected.

A Kundalini Awakening at some point is just one of the many possibilities and benefits you can experience when you activate your Merkabah. Check out the rest of the benefits, class information and sign up details here.

~Love, Esther

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