Just like you, I am a student of life experiencing all it has to offer and learning how to grow in consciousness.

 Just like you, I have people I look to for information and teachings to help me along the way.

Just like you, sometimes I get overwhelmed with the information that is presented to me and I don’t know what to do with it all.

For instance in the last two days one person suggested to me that in order to activate my 3rd and 4th strands of DNA I need to prana breathe, activate the pineal gland, take the breathe into my heart and aura and do this as much as possible.

Another said I need to bring light into my pineal gland and watch it activate and then send the light down to my lower chakras in order to prepare for transition into higher dimensions.

Yet another suggested I surround myself with universal energy inviting it into my physical being to clear away the debris, increase consciousness and lift my awareness.

Another said to set an intention to spend as much time during my sleep state in the fourth dimension to help me shift into it in my day to day reality.

All great information. All good techniques. But I am overwhelmed. Who has time to do this all day long?

Yes I want to grow in consciousness and shifting out of the 3rd dimension completely is a priority.

So I took this situation to The Tribunal my channeling guides. They always give people the best advice and I asked them, “What do I do?”

Here’s their answer:

“Greetings loved one. We are delighted that you have queried us regarding your concerns. We see that the information which has been put forth to you is coming from sound sources. Various bits of channeled information useful for your growth and ascension.

We also see and feel your frustration at keeping abreast with all instruction and we remind you that the energy of frustration only holds at bay that which you seek. You know this, do you not?

And so we desire for you to partake in the simplicity of all these actions and that is to breathe. Spend time breathing. Deep belly breathes which connect with the universal energies and life force, welcoming it into your being. As you breathe sit in meditation with the intention of that which you want to accomplish: an awakening of the pineal gland, a shift in your DNA, a cleansing of the unconscious, and opening of your awareness. What ever it may be.

The energy will know what to do. The energy will know where to go. The energy will do the work.

Just breathe, meditate and hold your intention.”

The information sounds so simple and yet the best answers always are. The Tribunal often tells people during discussion and readings to meditate and breathe. Once again they stand firm in their perspective.

Its true, Universal energies know what to do and the power of our intention helps to guide them to what we want.

If you ever feel overwhelmed on your spiritual journey take heed to the advice of The Tribunal… just breathe.

~Love, Esther



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