Happy June to everyone and what a WOW month it is forecasted to be. When I offer these energy updates the intel I get is usually in the moment for the day or sometimes I get the information a few days ahead but as I sit down to write this post I am being shown an overview of the entire month and it feels and looks wonderful even the sticky parts.

Here’s what I am receiving…

June themes are —> big leaps forward, spirituality in the form of awakening, learning, growth, practices, inner work, shadow work, knowing who you are, connection with God, oneness, religion for those who practice a particular religion, or for those keen about learning and understanding about a religion…. and getting ready for the July Eclipses which start on July 2nd with the solar eclipse.

Eclipses are a time when change can happen quickly so pay attention to what is happening this month and take action on what you are guided to take action on, because what is coming through in June is preparing you for quick change during July Eclipses and could be EXACTLY the change you are looking for and wanting.

June energetics also highlight strong creative inspirations and bursts, heightened intuition, trust your gut and communication. If you are making a presentation, a pitch, teaching a class, writing a book, leading a seminar, designing a program, participating in an event Oh I am so happy you planned it for this month. You are supported.

What about the sticky parts I mentioned? Well the energies flowing through may have to lift to the surface limitations, heavy energies, an awareness of the past, behaviors, patterns, beliefs etc which are getting in the way of your expansion. Sometimes this lifting up can get messy or sticky. But once you face it, address and resolve it the path is open. Onward and upwards.

I am LOVING the possibilities of June.

Love, Esther

July Eclipse Energy Event July 2 to July 17th, 2019 Get the Details, Sign Up plus early intel on how the two eclipse may be presenting energetically: https://estherbartkiw.com/july-2019-eclipse-event/

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