June 9th Energy Update: Mercury and Mars are at odds today.

Yesterday your words were used to heal and inspire, today be mindful because this planetary combo may have you using your words to hurt, lash out. Perhaps other people’s words will trigger you into argument, create a need to have the last say. Whatever comes up for you today use it to flush out deeper layers of limitation.

Do you feel caught in the middle? Between taking action and not taking action? That tug of war may also present under today’s energetics. Talk to your parts. The one that wants to take action and the one that doesn’t. Work with them to bring them into harmony; common ground to support you in your life experience.

Recent planetary alignments are doing wonderful work to prepare us for the upcoming June Solstice when portals and gateways in the Universe open flooding humanity and earth with magnificent upgrades of Light and new Light Codes, ushering in further expansion for all and more conscious.

On June 20th I will be hosting a Solstice Global Meditation and Energy Transmission Event.

Join Me And Let’s Celebrate The Maximum Incoming Power of The Sun. Together Harnessing The Solstice Energies To Empower Our Mind, Illuminate Our Energy Field, Charge Our Soul, Receive More Life Force, Wisdom and Love.

Creating Deep Inner Transformation, DNA Activation And A Beautiful Unfolding Of Change In Your Reality.

The call is at 12 noon Eastern and the replay will be available immediately following the live broadcast so you can listen to it at anytime during the day you want to engage in Solstice Celebration and Ceremony.

Details—> https://estherbartkiw.com/solstice-june-2016-global-m…/

~Love, Esther

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