July 4th New Moon in the sign of Cancer, is at 7:01 am Eastern Time; 2:01 PM EEST. Powerful, Potent, Active and Nurturing, the New Moon will     re-activate June Solstice Energies as we are still integrating the Light and upgrades from two weeks ago.
This New Moon is all about the New You for you are not the same person as you were on Solstice Day.
This New Moon is all about loving, nurturing, healing; taking care of Self. Showering yourself with tenderness, sweet words; pampering. And socializing; it is time to get out and be with people who accept you as you are and have fun with them!
Health is highlighted. New Moons are a great time to start something new and there is no better time to revamp your health and well-being. Start eating mindfully according to your body’s wants and needs. There are quite a few of you reading this post whose health has slipped in the last 8-12 months and if you get real with yourself you see clearly that the choices you have been making are not in support of you, your body or healthy living and yet you say you want to be healthy. It’s a great time to do your inner work to release blocks and set a new focus for health and well being and follow through with action.
Because this New Moon is in the sign of Cancer setting intentions and starting anew in areas of family, home, nurturing, health, socializing, money all Cancerian themes will be doubly supported.
Also mediate on this question: Security what does that mean to you? What do you anchor onto for security? A person? Is your home your security? A job? A certain amount of money in the bank? The problem with those foundations of security is that when the person, job, home and money are gone your foundation of security crumbles and leaves you in a tailspin. What if the foundation of your security was You? Knowing who you are are as a Divine Being of Light, as Love, Light, As Source; God/Goddess?
This July New Moon is also going to show us where we are still not a match to 5D energies. Where we are not willing to feel certain emotions and it will point out clearly where we are unwilling to face the truth of our situation even though we already know what that truth is.
La Luna is blasting us with Love and the potential for creating fresh starts in many areas of our lives. Are you willing to the face the truth and make change?
May New Moon Blessings Shower You with possibilities.
~Love, Esther

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