Hello Friend,

January 2nd is the New Moon in the Sign of Capricorn at 1:34 pm eastern time and it’s going to be a more serious and sombre new moon.

Capricorn is an energy that influences drive, ambition, maturity, business practices, setting boundaries, making the most of your time, getting things done and that is an aspect of this new moon, new beginnings energy …


The Capricorn New Moon this time around is also giving off a no nonsense, tough love kind of vibe.

It’s saying to each one of us, you know that person, that situation, that behavior, that looping thought, that group of friends, that old way of handling your money, that job …  it’s got to go. You can’t drag it around with you anymore and not suffer consequences so let’s do it.

It’s up to you if you are going to do it. The New Moon Capricorn energies will strongly influence you. It’s got a Saturnesque quality to it ie. take responsibility, build on a solid foundation; a seriousness.

A nice beam of light from Uranus brings about unusual and unexpected solutions, people and situations to help you along the way.

I actually like this kind of energetic influence. It really brings one to a point of are you in or out?

The New Moon Capricorn is telling you to CHANGE your situation NOW.

To make a move, you may need help with letting go of old ways, limiting beliefs, healing a part of self; creating an inner support system.

That’s my expertise helping you to discover, explore and change limiting beliefs, thoughts, behaviors, patterns, concepts of reality etc which are getting in the way of you living your best life. Check out session information: https://estherbartkiw.com/store-2/life-changing-personal-sessions

Enjoy the best of this day!

~ Love Esther

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