On January 20th at 3:36 am eastern time Mars moves into conjunction with Uranus creating an explosion of energy, potentially volatile, red light, sirens roaring energy. This is small child in a store hot, tired, hungry doesn’t want to be dragged around anymore falling on the floor having a temper tantrum kind of energy. And the conflict, news and aggression possible on or around that day under this cosmic sky will strike fast and unexpectedly.

This volatile energy may show up in your personal life, in your family, at your work place, but honestly I am looking at the world scene given it’s inauguration day in the USA and at the time of writing this post, there is great uncertainty in the collective regarding the event.

This particular cosmic alignment packs a punch, will stick with us for a while and is far reaching in impact. As I tune in looking forward, it will show up in situations around the world not just the USA.

Mars is the planet that represents and influences action. It is strong warrior energy. The high manifestation of this energy is a warrior taking action for freedom, justice, peace, prosperity for the good of all. The lower manifestation of this warrior energy is warring to beat down and brutalize others for personal advancement, gain and control.

Uranus is a slow moving outer planet that represents and influences shock, awe, surprise, quick moves, fast change and a revolutionary, rebellion type of atmosphere.

The Mars Uranus Conjunction happens about once every two years so it’s rare unlike a monthly full moon and tends to stir and shake things up.

Keep in mind we often begin to feel the energetic effects of a strong cosmic alignment on the run up to it’s peak moment, and on the down swing, so Jan 18 to 22nd could potentially be topsy turvy.

While the Mars Uranus Conjunction points to strife, I believe and take the stance that we are the creators of our reality and our choices, responses, reactions and beliefs shape what we experience. Equipped with the information presented here, if this energy shows up in your personal life and or on the world scene in a wild and earth shaking way, YOU get to decide if you will use the energies and create positive change for you and the world, or get pushed off course by it creating further unrest.

My suggestion is to tap into this Mars Uranus energy with intention and focus to stir up your inner Rebel, rise up, take a stand, express yourself, use your creative brilliance to affect positive change in the world.

~ Love Esther

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