2012 was a year of expansion, change, transformation and a great awakening. There was much hype during the month of December from 12-12 to 12-21 and the end of the Mayan Calendar. We did ascend. The 12 dimensions have been established on our planet. Change occurred for all of humanity, the animal and mineral kingdom; the world.

Today a new year begins. We are on a whole new timeline. Living in a new vibration. We are grounding into the new energies and way of being. There will be a learning curve of two to three years. It is happening even if you don’t see, feel or notice anything. I am not sure how you couldn’t notice or sense anything at this point unless you are just right now waking up and becoming aware. Even those I know personally who do not talk about such things as energy, spirituality, ascension and change have noticed that something different happened in 2012.

Allow me to offer you this as an illustration. Let’s say one day after living in the same home for decades you decide it is time to move. You want a fresh perspective, a new location, new oportunities, people and places around you. It’s time to upgrade. First you spend some time investigating where you want to live and eventually find the perfect home for you at this time of your life. Then comes the preparation (2012 and prior).  You tell people that you are moving, change of address notifications are sent, cancellation of utilities and services take place. There is the packing, getting rid of old stuff that you no longer need and which won’t fit with your new home, (letting go of limitations)  and you start to look around the neighborhood of your new residence to see what else is available to you. (2103-2015/16 new creations and manifestions of desires)

Then comes moving day. (December 12-12, 2012) You move and wake up the next morning in a new place , a new energy with boxes all around you. Cable and phone are still not set up. You feel excited but strange because it isn’t familiar yet and there is still more work to be done. (2013)

2013 glitter

Because just sitting around in your new home with piles of boxes all around you isn’t your idea of “comfort” you begin to unpack. You notice that some of the stuff you brought with you doesn’t fit your new home after all, (thoughts, beliefs, attitudes, strategies etc..) and you keep clearing away the clutter. You set up the service providers for your new home, begin to meet the neighbors, learn where you like to shop, play, walk, grab a coffee. Slowly you begin to integrate with your community (ground into your new timeline) and what was once strange to you is now familiar and comfortable.

Then you begin to create and live your life from this new energy. (2013-2015/16) Change continues to happen. Transformation carries on.

I trust that illustration helps to create more understanding. What happens beyond that? Oh sweetness let’s just get through today and 2013 before we start projecting even further ahead. As my channeling guides always say: We are changing so rapidly on planet earth; many paths are opening up,  many avenues are possible.

Okay back to 2013. I am being told by my guides to be prepared for unexpected and strong hits of intuition, new gifts and talents will emerge and you may one day wake up with a sudden desire to change jobs, location, relationships. If the nudge is coming from your inner Self just do it sweet being. Don’t over think it with your mind. That’s so 2012.

In 2013 you are building a new you in a new world.  Get out of your head and move into your heart. For most of you reading this post you already started along that path in 2012.

As our male and female energies moved into harmony in 2012 you will start to notice this year that your feminine side begins to blossom. You may move with more grace and intuition. There will be an inner knowing like never before. Relationships with Self and others become a priority.

If you have been living with an out of balance strong feminine aspect you may find that you begin to exercise more self power and begin to take action.

Yes there will be more letting go. I dropped a boat load of stuff behind me and left it in 2012. Deeper layers of stuff may continue to come forward but its getting easier to create awareness and release the limitations when they do arise.  Take what you have learned over the past year, over your lifetime and put it into practice in 2013.

Take a leap of faith!


We are powerful co-creators and in 2013 the energy is here for us to co-creator our lives and world situations with Universe in an amazing way.

We shifted from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius and as the energy shifted, as we ascended into higher dimensions and vibrations,  the earth too shifted. Many believe we will see a change in firmament in 2038 and yes this means there will continue to be moans and groans and eruptions coming from the earth. It too is purging all the old energy it has been holding onto for us. As humans our DNA is shifting, we are becoming less dense and science is beginning to back this claim up. Higher dimensional life forms are becoming more visible to us so don’t be surprise by alien encounters and by alien I mean foreign to us.

2013 will be another big year for solar flares. The energy of sun bursts and solar flares cleanse and clear us and lift us to new levels of being. They are the plasma that is changing the earth, humanity and transforming us and the earth to hold the light of the 12 dimensions which was completed in December 2012.

Yes the 3D world continues to exist around us but it is crumbling. As you continue to grow into more consciousness you begin to feel and notice the difference and the separation.

Now here is the flip side. There are many people who are going to be very confused, sad, angry and depressed this year. Some are dismayed that their life didn’t change overnight after 12-21.  Others are lost because they have been asleep and as the energy has been changing around them they have not been aware or keeping pace. Now their 3D constructs are being dismantled. They are losing their footing. Change is happening all around them and they are not on board with the program. Some are going to play victim and the blame game. Others are going to dig their heels in and continue to resist the light and some will say. “Hey I am late for the party but better late then never.”

Sweet being have you been asking and wondering what your purpose is? The answer is always the same to learn, grow and experience life. To free yourself from lifetimes of limitation. To move more fully into your true self. To be here on this planet at this time to experience this great awakening and expansion of being. And what if your purpose is to help some of those confused people gain clarity and conscious awareness? Be gentle with them sweetness but firm and if they ask you questions assist.  Much of humanity is still living in that 3D world but there were enough people moving into higher energies that we shifted into in 2012 and that is great news!

There is so much more still to come and I will continue to keep you up to date with blog posts, newsletters and Face Book posts. We are in this together and I am happy to be on this journey with you.

Cheers to 2013. What’s Next? Everything you desire…..

~Love, Esther




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