Just wanted to thank you so very much for facilitating the channeling last night. (Group Channeling Session: An Intimate Evening with Esther and The Tribunal).

It was such an incredible experience.

I walked into the room concerned if this event was “of the devil.” It was in fact nothing of that nature. Channeling the Tribunal was a very real way of connecting with God–with even my higher self. The perspective came from such a loving place, one of tolerance, understanding and support. It was like magically many of my fears disappeared. Fears about where our Planet is heading in 2012, and even ideas about death and dying.

I even love my so called “enemies” now, as what I have learned is that even they love me in another realm…just love me so much that they are willing to sacrifice in order for me to grow.

All I can say Esther, as always, you have managed to create a really wonderful new experience for me. One that provides so much love and acceptance. More people should experience this.

As I woke up this morning, so happy to be here…on Earth, learning and growing. Embracing my life…



*A note from Esther:

Marela..thank you for being so honest in your review of last night’s event. As I mentioned I too came from a belief system where channeling is considered to be “of the devil.” It took allot of conscious awareness and soul searching on my part to be comfortable with channeling and then being a channel myself. It certainly wasn’t something I was looking to do.

 I am glad that you were open enough to come and experience this evening of group channeling. You are right the love and acceptance in the room was magnificent. I am delighted you have received such great benefits already. Thank you for sharing.

~Love, Esther


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