Cathy attended my Exploring Past Lives Workshop held earlier this month. Her experiences were profound and as a result she agreed to share with all of you one of her past lives she discovered that evening. ~Esther

I have always been very curious about past lives but have never experienced a regression, so I was excited to find out if I would at the Experiencing Past Lives workshop.

After helping the group come to a point of deep relaxation, Esther used her voice and music to guide us on our individual journeys to our past lives.  Filled with anticipation, I opened the solid oak door and stepped into my past life.

I was confused at first, but the scene faded in – it was 1871, I was in a parlor surrounded by family, it was the exchange of a dowry and I was getting married. My past self was full of joy and excitement.

Esther asked us to move ahead in that life by a few years. I was sitting in a room of my large home, with my two kids, content and talking to my husband – it was like watching a 3-D movie and I was in the room 2 feet from myself.

Flashing forward again I was at a grand ball with a huge number of guests dancing with my husband. My life was wonderful, free from stress and worry. Esther asked us clearly, what was missing in that life that you needed to learn from, the word CAREER flashed before my eyes. I didn’t want to leave that life, I wanted to stay & explore everything.

As I have reflected on the message from the past life regression, it is clear – my career does not define my purpose in life. I had an incredible life in the 1870’s raising my children and being a socialite. Today I have two wonderful careers; however I also have an amazing young family I need to be there for.

The information from my past life has helped me to gain a different perspective, that  I will be just as fulfilled, if not more, if I am content running my own company, letting go of my other job and raising my children. Thank you for this life changing workshop.

Cathy proud owner of Beyond the Classroom 

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