I like my showers long and hot. I always have and I most likely always will.

But this morning I lost track of time while standing underneath a stream of steamy hot water.

I’m not sure how long I stood there. But it was a long time. Much longer then usual.

Standing  underneath what I call, “A little bit of heaven,” I went completely unconscious. I lost sight of my surroundings. My ears tuned out all noise. My body and mind went on automatic pilot and I just stood there underneath the water. I can’t even tell you what I was thinking about. I went blank.

When I finally came to it was as if someone gave me a shake. I literally felt my head shake as if to wake me up. It was only at that moment I realized I had been standing in the shower for a very long time.

And it dawned on me that this is what it’s like when we go unconscious in our lives. We lose track of time. One day we wake up and realize that years have gone by and we haven’t accomplished much on our list of goals.

We don’t listen to the people and situations around us causing miscommunication and run the risk of alienating people we love.

We don’t see what is right in front of our eyes because of our fuzzy disoriented focus and miss out on fun and opportunities.

When we go unconscious in our day to day lives we allow our suboncsious mind to take over and we go on autopilot. This isn’t so bad if our subconsciou mind supports us. Like when we are driving and start mulling over our to do list and then find ourselves pulling into our driveway thinking, “How did I get here?” Your subconscious mind supported you in the task of getting home.

But what if you go on autopilot and your subconscious mind is running amok and working against you? Telling you that you aren’t good enough. Encouraging you to eat that third piece of cake because it makes you feel good. Causing you to yell at your kids because its the pattern you picked up from your mom and dad.  Encouraging you to sit down for hours in front of the television to relax instead of working out, reading, spending time with friends or playing with your children. Having you shutdown when in a group situation because you feel that you don’t fit in.

Just as I was shaken out of an unconscious stupor you, me, we all can step out of unconscious living and begin to experience life as conscious creators. Living in the present. Being aware. Creating and living life on our terms. It all begins with getting conscious.

Where are you living in a haze controlled by unconscious beliefs and behaviors? And are you ready to get conscious? www.changefromwithin.ca

~Love, Esther


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