Suppose in a past life you were in a relationship and were lorded over by another. At some point in that life you made the decision, “I will never let a man (or woman) lord over me again.”  Then in this lifetime you emerge as a strong woman (or man) with a career, taking care of yourself, wanting to prove to yourself that you can do it on your own and that you will never put yourself in a position where someone has control over you again. You hold this stance so strongly that the result is lack of love. You push it away.

Maybe in a past life you had a love who was betrothed to another and the pain of a love never experienced was too much to bear. You made a decision that love hurts too much and you have carried that decision/belief into this lifetime.

Or perhaps you were were betrayed by the one you loved deeply; decided that you can’t trust men (or women) and carried that belief of lack of trust into this lifetime.

I have lived  many past lives in which my husband went off to war and never came back. I longed for him and tortured myself standing by a window or sitting on a porch waiting for someone who was never coming home. That longing, waiting,  the love lost was a pattern I carried with me for many lifetimes until I finally cleared it from my cellular system by tapping into my past lives and creating consciousness around the patterning. Perhaps you lived a past life in which the one you loved most was killed in a fire or by a wild animal and you too are longing and waiting for his/her return.

When you access a past life memory, exploring and learning from it, this inner work helps you to release the energy of patterns, behaviors and beliefs which are not working for you in this lifetime. It helps you to let them go from your cellular memory. Then consciously you make a new decision and hold new beliefs to support you in the creation of love. Using my example; no more waiting which is the complete opposite of the past life decision to wait and long.

How do I know if my lack of love is a past life or current life situation?

When I work with people to troubleshoot in the past the first thing I ask them is, “Have you worked on this situation in your current life?” If some of the scenarios above ring true to you exploring them in present life is the first step. After all that is why you came to the planet; to clear your limiting beliefs and patterns in this lifetime.

If  you have exhausted all present day work and still the issue lingers that is a good indication a past life  may need to be explored.

And some people just know that the core of their lack of love comes from a past life through information from their guides, dreams, meditations and intuition.

If your love life lacks lustre know that change is possible.

  • Find and change your limiting core beliefs present day and past life. 
  • Release beliefs and patterns absorbed from others.
  • Make changes in your past life cellular memory through past life regression therapy.
  • Be open to love in all of its forms

Let the past be the past and step into your love filled future now.

~Love, Esther

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