I’m Mediocre, Living in a Mediocre World.

These words flashed across my computer screen while I was browsing through postings on a social media site.

The psychotherapist in me wanted to reach out to the poster and educate them on the power of their beliefs and how they feel mediocre and see the world as mediocre because of the belief systems held by their mind.

But a nudge from The Tribunal (my channeling guides) stopped me in my tracks. The Tribunal wanted to respond to this statement and asked me to transcribe for all to read. Here’s their response to I’m Mediocre, Living in a Mediocre World.

“You see yourself as mediocre and you the see the world around you as mediocre because of the pictures you hold in your mind. The pictures are imprints and they are comprised of many different elements. Contained within those pictures are thoughts, beliefs, your decisions, conclusions, other people’s opinions and their words. Those pictures in your mind hold energy of past events and situations. They hold other people’s energy. The pictures are also shaped by the collective consciousness which hangs in your earth’s atmosphere. Those pictures are enhanced by the people you spend time and energy with.

The picture of mediocrity and the belief system which holds it together has taken root in your mind. It has formed filters over your eyes so now when you see yourself, other people and the world around you, you see them with the filter of mediocrity. The picture and the belief system have also created filters on your ears. Now when you hear you hear everything through a filter of mediocrity. And so it is true for you that you are suspended in a place which is dominantly mediocre.

There is a saying upon your planet that a picture is worth a thousand words and we agree with this statement. For the picture you have in your head and all the words and emotions attached to it have created your playing field; your life experience.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. Begin to change the picture in your head. Discard the words and thoughts which anchor the image. Free yourself of the energy and words absorbed from other people. Be open and receptive to seeing yourself and the world in a new light. Begin to spend time with people who understand that they are special and extraordinary just because. Be present with those who view the world with awe, excitement and joy. Begin to ask them what pictures they see in their head and what words, beliefs and feelings are attached to those pictures. Use this information as a jumping off point for making change in your view and your thoughts. Choose what will work for you and help you to create what you desire.

See the world through the eyes of a child who looks at everything and everyone with wonder. You were that way once too. Believe us when we say you can look at yourself and the world around you in this manner again; we would encourage it.

You have choice. Each and everyone of you have choice on how you want to experience this life time upon planet earth. If you could see what we see from our vantage point, you would abandon quickly this view of mediocrity and grab hold of a view of awe.

We cannot do it for you. We cannot force it upon you. This is your free will to create for yourself what you want on planet earth. We are here to simply remind you of that which you know, have forgotten and are awakening to remember again. We are here to guide you and offer understanding as you progress upon your journey.

We are delighted to have been given the opportunity to address this subject and send our love unto you.” The Tribunal


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