December 28th Energy Update: This year has been one of illumination. Our eyes have been opened and our consciousness expanded. We have been challenged in our belief systems, to get clear on what we really want to experience in life, face the secrets, reveal Truth, know who we truly be as Light as Love, Divine.

I would love to say we can take a bit of a break from our Spiritual Journey for the next couple of days but the word coming down the energy pipeline is that there is more illumination to come before the clocks strikes 12 on New Years Eve.

Why waste even a second on Planet Earth? Keep in mind you are a multidimensional being and can do and be many places at once. You Are All Things. You can rest and be traversing galaxies at the same time. As one lovely commented on my earlier post, I see the Universe inside of me. Yes the Universe is inside of you. You are the Universe.

As we finish off 2017 communication, plans and projects which got ruffled up during Mercury Retrograde are beginning to smooth out.

And Divine Inspiration is everywhere! Information, people, resources, steps to take. Even if those steps make no sense to you or anyone else around you, if it feels right why not take them? That path is presenting because there is something on that road just for you.

~Love, Esther

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