I was saddened when I woke up Sunday morning to hear news of the London Terror attacks and at the same time given the weekend’s high vibration energy wave, not surprised. Why do I say this? When we are being influenced by a very positive and optimistic cosmic wave of Light, world situations often escalate and unpleasant situations arise. While the London attacks have to do with many different issues, including the upcoming election, false flag etc.. I offer this piece of information to you for consideration.

When a high Light wave comes through it stirs up the dark. It agitates those who are now choosing to stay in 3D because that is where they feel most comfortable and powerful. When these dark forces, unawakened people feel the Light and High Frequencies it bugs the crap out of them whether they are conscious of it or not and their reactive instinct is to push back. Maybe you notice similar behavior in people around you who are unaware and unawakened.

If you have ever gone through a period of deep depression, grief, sadness, despair do you remember how awful it felt to be around upbeat positive people? Why are they happy? Why are they laughing? Why are they feeling so good? They are not allowed to be happy because I am not happy. If I feel like crap then they too must feel like crap. I will not stand silent and allow them to be what I secretly wish and desire to be. And at those times there is a push back against the people perhaps through action, often through harsh, critical words etc…

The same thing happens on a global scale when a High Frequency Energy Wave moves through. Those of us on a Conscious Journey of Ascension lap it up. We adjust to it, align with it and flow. Those who are dedicated to 3D push back and that push back can come in many forms. Something to consider.

~Love, Esther

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