If  Love spoke to you right now, in whatever circumstance you are in, what would it say?

If you are struggling with beliefs about your Self, Love would whisper to you:  You are beautiful. You are magnificent. You can do anything you put your mind to. Honey you are talented beyond your wildest dreams. People want what you have to offer. You are special. You matter and you are worthy just as you are.

To parents raising children, Love would sidle up to you and say: You’re doing a great job. Stop worrying so much, everything is in perfect order and you’re children will be fine. If it means that much to you, go pick up your child when she is crying in her crib never mind what other people say. Let your child go to the party, they’ll be fine and are thirsting for the experience and independence. This stage will pass and one day you’ll be able to look back and laugh. Being a parent is a tremendous responsibility and you are doing the best you can.

For those struggling with health and wellness issues,  Love kisses your temple and says: Sweetie, eat when you are hungry; what your body wants. Don’t starve yourself. Use your intuition to know what is best for your body. Your body is sending you messages get quiet and listen. You were perfectly made and are uniquely you. You are not your disease you are a perfect spirit living in a physical body subjected to frailties and illness. You can heal yourself from within that’s how powerful you are. Though your body may not last forever, you as spirit will never cease to exist. I am here holding your hand as you transcend the pain.

Throughout the course of your day image Love being your constant companion, your best friend always close by with a soothing word.

“You will always have enough.

You cannot fail.

You came to this life experience to learn and you are learning.

Do what makes you feel good and is in alignment with your desires.

God, The Universe is friendly and is always on your side.

You get to create your reality.

Follow your passion and you will be supported.

Stand in your truth and you will find that you are standing in your power.

Release those negative people from your life and soon you will find loving and positive people coming into your experience. Of this I am certain.

You are never alone. I am always here with you.

I love you. I care for you. I adore you.”

As you move through life, know that every minute Love is close by ready to whisper to you truth in a soothing and comforting way. The next time you find yourself in emotional distress or wondering what your next move is, ask Love for a word of advice.

What is Love whispering to you right now?

~Love, Esther







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